04 May 2015

The Season Of My Life!

This article is the continuation of a series of articles from guest bloggers as they chronicle their journeys in life. The series will include journeys in health and wellness, life and love, happiness, poverty to prosperity and many others. This is the second article from our first guest blogger: Staci Cash from

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25 Mar 2015

Understanding Turbulence

This article begins a series of articles from guest bloggers as they chronicle their journeys in life. The series will include journeys in health and wellness, life and love, happiness, poverty to prosperity and many others.  Our first guest blogger is Staci Cash from Houston, TX as she “sets the

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08 Dec 2014

Winter Fashion For Women: How To Look Stylish In The Cold

The colder months are upon us, and if you live in a chilly place like I do in Chicago, the winter can get drab fashion-wise. Even though the weather can be brutal, you don’t have to look that way. Below are several options for you to keep warm and stay

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04 Jun 2013

Now Is All We Have

We all tend to forget the power of the present moment. Instead of focusing on and appreciating the gift of today, we allow the negative past to creep into our minds. Every time we give power to negativity, we become our own worst enemy. How can we be prevalent and

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03 Apr 2013

Stop Sabotaging Love – Believe You Deserve It!

Face it, people attract what they believe they deserve.  If you feel like you are not worthy enough to be with an honest person, or live in a good neighborhood, guess what…you will attract those things to your life whether you know it or not. The world is moving toward

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06 Mar 2013

Supportive Relations: The Foundation to Good Emotional Health

No matter how much time you devote to improving your mental and emotional health, you will still need the company of others to feel and be your best. Humans are social creatures with emotional needs for relationships and positive connections to others. We’re not meant to survive, let alone thrive,

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17 Oct 2012

100 Words or Less: The Illness Of Low Self Esteem [MICRO BLOG]

Let’s Face it Most of the People on this planet suffer the illness of Low Self Esteem. When a man or a woman struggles with self esteem it is difficult for the people who love them to connect in a way that will help them heal, especially if they struggle

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20 Aug 2012

Platinum Duo Sanya Richards Ross & Hubby Aaron Land Reality TV Show

If  haven’t already heard,  Sanya Richards Ross and her strikingly handsome hubby Aaron just signed up to do a reality show for WE TV.  The network that brought you Mary Mary’s reality series is apparently very excited to bring the Ross’ on board.  Incidentally Sanya and Aaron’s wedding was featured

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06 Aug 2012

How Come ‘Nappy’ Gets No Love?!

The decision to no longer add chemicals to my hair was not a hard one for me. Through all the thoughts I had of how I would wear it, would I press everyday, how would this affect my professional look, I never thought about how it would affect my romantic

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18 Jul 2012

Sis 2 Sis: STOP NURSING THE PAIN – Moving Past Infidelity, Abuse And Emotional Suffering

A few months ago, I had a radio interview where a male caller spoke candidly about his past philandering ways.   He swore he was a changed man these past 10 years, yet his wife still treated him as a whoremonger.  The gentleman was at the end of his rope, feeling

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22 Jun 2012

And Then There Was Me!

Looking back on my life I’ve always tried to make everyone happy.  I call it suffering from the “Pleasing everyone but myself” disease. Even before having children I’ve always felt the need to please and put myself last when it came to scheduling, making time and prioritizing. Years gone by

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14 Jun 2012

4 Brothers Share: “What My Father Taught Me About Being A Man” (Father’s Day Tribute)

It’s almost Father’s Day and most of us are geared up to toast the men that are responsible for making us who we are.  We thought this would be a perfect time to reach out to the Brothers in the BLF community and find out how their Father’s influenced them

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07 Jun 2012

“Letting Go for Good!” 8 Tips To Gain Closure

There is nothing more unattractive than someone who visibly carries their baggage!  Having a past is one thing but not knowing when to cut the cord and let it go for good can harm your future relationships.  Experience is always the best teacher and a very good friend of mine

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01 May 2012

Pressing Forward : 4 Keys To Obtaining Your Goals

Are you where you want to be or are you just a figment of your own imagination? Being where you want to be takes time, diligence, motivation and courage. Unfortunately success doesn’t happen overnight; and usually when it does, if you’re not smart about it, you will lose that success

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26 Mar 2012

My Piece Of The P.I.E. Ensuring My Career Growth And Success (Part 3)

Our last two articles provided great information on your PERFORMANCE and IMAGE and their importance in your career growth and success. The last piece of the P.I.E. is EXPOSURE. It’s all about who you know…WRONG! It’s all about who knows you. I know Michelle Obama; she has no idea I

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20 Mar 2012

My Piece Of The P.I.E. Ensuring My Career Growth And Success (Part 2)

Last week, we talked about the importance of your job PERFORMANCE in your career growth. This week, we’re discussing your IMAGE. Image is about so much more than what you’re wearing. It consists of how you: 1. Look 2. Sound 3. Act YOUR LOOK You never get a second chance

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15 Mar 2012

My Piece Of The P.I.E. Ensuring My Career Growth and Success (Part I)

Usually I write about my personal life, but that is only one facet of being a well rounded Wife, Mother and Career Maven!!  I’ve decided to share some insights into what I’ve learned as a professional. Many new managers believe that all they need to do to be successful and

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21 Feb 2012

5 Steps To Living Fabulously After 40

Turning 40 will put you in the unique position of embracing life completely!  Here are 5 steps that are bound to help you enjoy living fabulously. 1) Heartbreak is a natural part of life. Learn to embrace it. The day before my 40th birthday I had a horrible breakup with

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06 Feb 2012

Therapist Or Life Coach? Knowing Which One To Choose And How

How do you know which one to choose? Is a therapist the same as a life coach? The answer is no, there is a difference between the two. I will explain the difference and help you understand how to choose one. A life coach is more appropriate when you are

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25 Jan 2012

You, Me and WE (pt.2)

What lessons were you taught when you were growing up? Were you taught about a work ethic? As an African American female, I was taught the lesson that I had to be 10 times better than my white counterparts in order for me to receive minimal recognition. I was taught

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19 Jan 2012

You, Me and WE (pt.1)

Relationships fail and succeed every day but black relationships appear to be a bit different don’t they? It seems as if we stand in direct opposition of one another pointing fingers afraid to recognize the heart of the matter because it’s just too painful to acknowledge. We have managed to

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04 Jan 2012

A New Year, A New Vow

Every January 1st millions of people make promises to better their lives. From joining the gym and losing weight, to quitting a bad habit or starting a new venture, motivated celebrators find hope in starting over with a clean slate. But for a married couple my question is…now what? I

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20 Dec 2011

Take Responsibility For Your Actions

A few weeks back while having a lively discussion in The Conversation Continues (TCC) it was stated that often times African-Americans want to fall back on racial issues as the reason why we are a certain way without ever accepting responsibility for anything. That got me to thinking; what things

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02 Dec 2011

The Failed Experiment

Being that I only have 600 words maximum to say this in, I have to jump right into it. Ladies, being an independent woman has failed you miserably. Yes, you have proven that you can take care of a household. Yes, you have gotten jobs that some men could only

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17 Nov 2011

The Heart Moves On – Using Ceremony to Mark the End of a Relationship

Marking the end of a marriage or long-term relationship with a ceremony can aid healing and allow you to view that relationship in a positive light. But beware – the wrong celebrant or the wrong approach could do more harm than good.

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