12 Sep 2012

5 Ways To Define Love In Your Relationship

Love??? What the hell is that? The Bible tells you there are three different kinds of love. The dictionary, depending on which one you choose, has a bunch of different definitions. They can’t even decide if it’s a noun, verb, or an adjective. And with all that, you with your

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13 Aug 2012

Down To Earth Dating

Let’s face it!  As much as many of us constantly complain about the availability of worthwhile candidates interested in serious, long-term relationships; we’re still very fortunate, especially, living in Westernized countries.  Within non-western cultures, the freedom to choose who one marries, let alone dates, may not be solely up to

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08 Aug 2012

Black Biz Feature: BlackBride.com

ABOUT BLACK BRIDE: BlackBride.com has been the premier online resource for brides of color since 1998. Led by Mary Chatman who has served as the President and Publisher since 2011, BlackBride.com continues to be the go-to resource for culturally diverse brides.  Chatman explains, “We’ve been around for the past fourteen

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16 Jul 2012

Is Marriage Really The Answer?…5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Married

Is Marriage really the answer? Or are you just fresh out of options? Sometimes people think rushing to go down the aisle will make all their problems go away, when in actuality if both parties aren’t ready, you’re heading down the aisle of disaster!  A lot of people are slapped

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12 Jul 2012

5 Types of Men that scream: I’M SCORNED!!!!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a scorned man…lucky me right?  It was very little pleasure in this encounter,  but it did however make me think, “ Are scorned men worst than a heartbroken woman?” A little background…I met him at a party of an ex boyfriend, which we’ll

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10 Jul 2012

Celebrity Couples Developing Intimacy Without SEX

Can you take your relationship to the next level without sex? If your answer is, “Heck, NO!”, think again. Celibacy within a relationship is sexy and attractive. Celebrity couples such as, actress Meagan Good new hubby Sony executive producer/pastor, DeVon Franklin and Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey say it’s possible.

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09 Jul 2012

Top 5 Reasons Why He Won’t Put A Ring On It!…Survey Says

While hanging out one Friday night with the ladies, we broke out into conversation about why men won’t put a ring on it. After dishing out our views, we noticed a pattern; women are overexerting their role and allowing the term “wifey” to replace “wife”.  Some of the ladies came

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26 Jun 2012

4 Ways To Know It’s Time To Talk Finances In A New Relationship

Many would probably agree that money communication is essential in any committed romantic relationship. What is not clear to many, however, is how soon you should bring up the “money” discussion when you are dating. Should you bring it up and if so when? What questions should you ask, what

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29 May 2012

Oh SNAP! The Condom Broke!

“Oh #@%! The condom broke!” a phrase you never want to hear during the midst of sex play! Talking about a mood killer! What?! The penis immediately goes south, the once plentiful flowing waters of the vagina instantly dry up like a barren desert and the look of anxiety replaces

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09 May 2012

6 Tips To Help You Get So Fresh And So Clean For Love

Love is in the air and everyone seems to be waiting around for Cupid to shoot his arrow their way, but the dilemma is the love doesn’t seem to last! Yes everyone is longing for that feeling of wholeness, completion and security combined to make one solid emotion…Love! The question

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08 May 2012

My NOT So Shameful Little Secret

Who was he??!! Who was the first fool that said real men don’t have feelings? I want to meet this jerk. Oh so now he’s SUPERHUMAN or something? Knock it off please! Jesus wept; Superman had kryptonite and Lois Lane, hell even the Tin Man cried with no heart. Please

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30 Apr 2012

Relationships vs. Situationships

Last week I got a phone call from someone I used to kick it with, we had not spoken for quite some time…ever since I decided we needed some boundaries.  We will call him Sam for the purposes of this post.  I can’t really say he was my boyfriend and

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27 Apr 2012

Did I Pull A Taraji?

“Taraji”, as in Taraji P. Henson, the actress who plays Lauren in Steve Harvey’s highly anticipated film, Think Like A Man;  hopefully you’ve seen it already, if you haven’t …SHAME ON YOU! And although they’re mixed reviews, I thought it was pretty damn good. I remember purchasing this book back

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17 Apr 2012

The Elephant In The (Dating) Room: (pt. 4)-Love

Aaaaah Love! Everybody wants it, some find it, but even fewer keep it. In fact, love is not really an elephant in the room, because usually, when people love each other, you know it. They demonstrate it at every opportunity. It’s evident in their speech and their treatment of each

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16 Apr 2012

6 Must Have Qualities To Look For While Dating

It occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that as I get older, my “list” significantly gets shorter. You know what “list” I’m talking about…where we write all of the reasonable AND UN-reasonable qualities we want in our future husband. In no particular order, we ramble down on paper

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13 Apr 2012

The Elephant In The (Dating) Room: (pt. 3)-Communication

I often tweet the following statement, “it’s really a big deal if your significant other doesn’t communicate with you.”  And it is. A lack of communication quickly becomes an elephant that can quickly destroy any relationship. While there may be no malicious intent on the part of the non-communicating party, failing

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06 Apr 2012

Good Guy vs. Thug: And The Winner Is…

Once upon a time I was all about me. Every time I met a woman  I would let her know I was damaged and could only give her sex with no emotions. Most times I was closed off and cold, but even then they worked over-time to change me. Ironically,

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05 Apr 2012

The Elephants in the (Dating) Room: (pt. 1) – S…E…X!

  Leave it to me to start things off with a four-part series, huh?  Oh well…hello Lovies! Let’s jump right in…  Courtesy of dating in the twenty-first century, we might find ourselves asking questions. If any of you were like myself, most of those questions are only asked in the

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07 Mar 2012

Cougar-Hood Never Looked So Good

…or “house cat” as my homegirl would call me…considering I’m only in my late twenties…. I date men older than me…period… always have; they’re usually between the ages of 28-35. I’ve only dated two guys who were younger, one of which is recent, and the other I’ve known almost two

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05 Mar 2012

Does ONLY Dating Black Men Make You Racist?

It seems that black women dating outside their race has become a hot topic among ALL races.  My friends seem to all get pissed because so many other ethnicities seem to take an interest in who we are screwing. As for me, I’m just amazed at how many of ‘the others’ are

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22 Feb 2012

5 Types of Seemingly Innocent Flirting

I must admit that I have never quite perfected the art of flirting. You would think that the act comes naturally but this is not necessarily so. It seems my direct style of communication does not lend itself to the subtleties of flirting. Flirting was originally intended to be part

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03 Feb 2012

New Year = New Outlook

Happy New Year to every one…and a new year  it is indeed! <<<With my late a**… And yes, I haven’t posted anything since my break up with Prototype. And yes, it hurt THE HELL out of me.  I wasn’t in a robe eating Breyer’s all day and night…but I did

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29 Dec 2011

Does He Give Really Good Head?

In the beginning, he is sweet, attentive, and the chemistry is obvious.  The thought of seeing him gives you butterflies and he makes you giggle like a teenage girl. When he touches you, you shiver involuntarily and his kiss makes you float like Tinkerbelle.  Your feelings are bubbling over in

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23 Dec 2011

Signs Of An Emotional Rapist

I’ll be honest. I’ve had my fair share of women and still do. But I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I’ve been honest and straight up with whomever I’ve come across. My friendships with women seldom end on bad terms, and not one female can make the claim

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14 Dec 2011

Twelve Naughty Days Of Christmas

Santa Baby has been making his list and checking it twice to find out if you have been naughty or nice! Well, let him know this year you definitely plan on being naughty! Here are some surefire tips that are guaranteed to spark up more than your fireplace for your

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