21 Oct 2011

SMDH:I’ve Never Been Caught…Till Now! (pt.2)

I won’t lie, the time in between NOT hearing from my beau (Prototype) to when he texted me at one o’clock in the morning four days later saying “Why did you hurt me?” …was killer. And all I can say is karma is a b*tch with blonde hair and a

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17 Oct 2011

Is it Safe to Date a Woman Whose Divorce Isn’t Final Yet?

As a man, the one thing you hopefully have already begun to realize about your relationships with women is that nothing is guaranteed, especially when you start dealing with all of the emotional baggage that most people bring into the relationship. In this article we are going to talk about seeing or dating a woman who is still married but the divorce should be complete anytime now.

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11 Oct 2011

Seeking Your CEO: The New First Date Should Be On A Golf Course (pt.1)

I was inspired to write this by Richard ‘BigRich‘ Evans piece “What is your Relationship ROI” for two reasons: I look at myself as a business. Yup! Brittany Knight, INC. Brittany Knight, INC. is seeking a merger in the industry of relationships. And with 35% of all major business deals

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03 Oct 2011

SMDH: I’ve Never Been Caught…Till Now!

I did something dumb the other day, I’ll admit, out of boredom. I had two and half hours to kill before I had to go to work, and it just so happen that I was around the corner from Corporate Thug’s house. I was looking cute in my little sundress,

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14 Sep 2011


So the boxer guy, he’s actually been hanging in there pretty strong. And you know I’m quick to cut a guy clean off! Saved in the phone as “DO NOT ANSWER” and all, so you know he must be doing SOMETHING right! Case and point… My girlfriend and I went

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13 Sep 2011

What Is Your Relationship ROI?

Recently I was a part of a discussion that centered on what people wanted as well as what people were willing to accept and give. It was based upon the notion that not everyone really knows what they want, but that those that actually do know are sometimes jaded due

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06 Sep 2011

Sex Partners vs Friends with Benefits

I recently took part in a lively discussion centered around the topic of sex which in essence began as a general question as to what it meant when a man tells his ex that he will continue to sleep with her even if she gets with someone else.  It was

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06 Sep 2011

Yeah, He Used You

I got my first question! I found this in my inbox last night, although this isn’t necessarily a Q&A column, I am much obliged to help in any way I can. I like this guy. He told me he liked me but now he is seeing someone. Should I move

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31 Aug 2011

I’m KEEPING My Cookies Until Marriage!

Dear Young Black Married Man: My issue is good & bad… I’m actively out dating, but refuse to have sex until I’m married. It’s just the principal that I was raised on & I don’t just want to give my cookies to every little boy that comes along. I think

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23 Aug 2011

And There Was One

So I have good news and bad news…the bad news is “Corporate Thug” ( See ‘One Fine Scrub’) has popped up recently…only for a moment though…I promise. BUT the problem with that is this: I believe I was his “Zero Calorie Substitute” that Jai Stone was talking about. And even

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22 Aug 2011

When You Ignored The Alarm

Whenever we begin a new relationship, we always try to put our best foot forward.  Many times we learn from our past experiences and in an attempt to make the new one more successful, we do things differently.  We may try to be a little more understanding and empathetic, we

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22 Aug 2011

In LOVE & Afraid: Will The 4th Time Be The Charm?

Dear Young Black Married Man: I’ve been exclusively dating my soul mate for 11months now. I’m 37, so by now I’ve dated many times before, but this time feels so different & so right, because she’s the ONE! She’s perfect, everything I want in a woman she has & she

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20 Aug 2011

Embracing My Angry Black Woman

In my 40 plus years I’ve heard the term “angry black woman” a lot. Comedians get laughs from dogging her out, sitcoms base shows off her and men have labeled women as ABW. The ABW feeling never engulfed me despite my numerous encounters with cheating, lying, uncaring, disrespectful and unsavory

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18 Aug 2011

My Girlfriend is Cheating On Me (with Facebook)

Dear Young Black Married Man, My girlfriend who lives w/ me is ALWAYS on the computer chatting w/ her friends, FaceBooking, Tweeting, etc. She’s even doing it as we’re falling asleep. Sometime I feel like I’m in a three way relationship, because I have to share time with the computer/smart

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15 Aug 2011

Cocaine Cowboy

There is a first time for everything… He was chocolaty, 28, no kids, well groomed, an engineer for a Fortune 500 company, spiritual, AND funny with a Master’s from Cornell University. Everything was cool…until he dropped THIS bomb: “Do you do lines?” My face is contorted now.  “ Lines?” “

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11 Aug 2011

Life Is An Experiment

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting results .”-Albert Einstein How many times  have you began a journey in life only to realize that the path you were taking wasn’t for you?  Unfortunately, you aren’t the only one.  Many of us have gone down the

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08 Aug 2011

Did You Know Your E-Boo Was A Crackhead?

Yes that’s what I said and yes it does pertain to relationships believe it or not. Well in this particular case one relationship that I encountered involving my grown cousin/uncle or what ever he is to me and some obviously out of the loop young lady that he is dating

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06 Aug 2011

My Boyfriend Still Lives With His Ex!

Dear Young Black Married Man: I’ve been dating this guy for a few weeks now and from the beginning he was upfront & honest about the fact the he and his wife are in the process of getting a divorce b/c it’s just not working out. No serious dysfunction or

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05 Aug 2011

Thirsty Much?

Now let me be the first one to tell you that I DO NOT do anything special to these men when I first meet them. ABSOLUTELY NOTHINIG. I’m totally myself, and what can I say most men are intrigued by just that (*CHEEZ*) But when I give you my phone

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30 Jul 2011

He Didn’t Tell Me He Has Kids

Dear Young Black Married Man, I need your help! You talked a little bit about my situation in your last blog, but I want to get more specific with my problem. So I have a rule not to date a man w/ a kid. Of course I’ve been dating this guy

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27 Jul 2011

What Happens In Vegas…Bob Shares On Facebook

Our Facebook group (TCC) is an awesome place to share stories, learn and grow.  But on certain days we come prepared to buckle our seat belts and this past Wednesday was a ride for the record books.  See what kept us going on What The Hell Wednesday.  Because we have

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27 Jul 2011

One FINE ‘Scrub’ To Go Please!

Boy! Do I have a story for you! But before I get into that, let me give you a little background on me, I have recently parted ways with someone whom I THOUGHT was my significant other, I like to call him  “Corporate Thug”, which is self explanatory  and ultimately

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25 Jul 2011

I’m In Love With TWO Women….HELP!!

When it comes to relationships, there is no shortage of questions or answers.  BLF Blogger and professional journalist Mr. Shannon Lanier puts his skills to the test with his column ‘Ask a Young Black Married Man’. Dear Shannon, what did I get myself into? Simple story, I fell in love w/

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23 Jul 2011

Dear Abby, My Friend Is Having A Shot Gun Wedding

My  friend is getting married… and she asked me to write and recite a poem inspired by their relationship at their reception. Sounds cool and I should be happy for her right? Well here are the facts: They’ve only been dating for a year He never technically proposed Technically she got

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19 Jul 2011

Retarded Things That Happen In Relationships!

Because I am in a silly mood today and also because I think that sometimes we take ourselves too seriously in relationships; I am submitting to you today, some of the retarded things that happen in relationships. I know, retarded may not be the right word, but hey, this is

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