21 Jul 2015

The Death of Sandra Bland: Jim Crow vs. Civil Rights Part Two

Since learning of Sandra Bland’s passing, I have experienced the full gamut of emotions. It took the first 24 hours for me to process that my sorority sister had actually been found hanging in a jail cell in 2015. They said she committed suicide but common sense wouldn’t allow me

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05 May 2015

Dating In The ATL: The Good, The Bad And The Unbelievable

So what’s it really like to date in Atlanta as a woman in her 40’s? It varies. The vast majority of the dates I’ve been on have been disastrous. I’ve been on dates with all kinds of men in an effort to figure out if I can be flexible in

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04 May 2015

The Season Of My Life!

This article is the continuation of a series of articles from guest bloggers as they chronicle their journeys in life. The series will include journeys in health and wellness, life and love, happiness, poverty to prosperity and many others. This is the second article from our first guest blogger: Staci Cash from

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25 Mar 2015

Understanding Turbulence

This article begins a series of articles from guest bloggers as they chronicle their journeys in life. The series will include journeys in health and wellness, life and love, happiness, poverty to prosperity and many others.  Our first guest blogger is Staci Cash from Houston, TX as she “sets the

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05 Jan 2015

Sorority Sisters: I Am My Sister’s Keeper…Even When She Belongs To Another Sorority

There is a common thought in social media that as African Americans…we should not be upset about the show “Sorority Sisters” if we aren’t upset about shows like “Love and Hip Hop” or “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. While the majority of our African American community may not understand the outrage

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05 Jun 2013

High Five: What Oprah Winfrey Said About Men

Whether or not you love Oprah, there is no doubt that she often drops life-altering pearls of wisdom.  For those of us who came late to the “love yourself first” arena, here is a great perspective about men (in my humble opinion). If a man wants you, nothing can keep

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10 Feb 2013

Church Overload: It’s Time To Make Your Family Your Ministry!

So, it has been brought to my attention that Black Men today are no longer pursuing Black women; no, not because of the drama, not because of the baby daddy count nor because of our independence….but because they are sick of trying to compete with Jesus!! How about that! Yeap,

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12 Nov 2012

Delicious Dating: Have Black Women Turned Their Backs On Love? [VIDEO]

Trenia Parham urges Black women to heal themselves in a way that makes them open to love again.

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27 Sep 2012

Contrary To Popular Beliefs…PLEASE Think Like A Lady (A Man’s Perspective)

I am grateful that women generations before us did not think like men.  Could you imagine what life would have been like for so many children and families if women thought it was OK to abandon their children and neglect their families?  Both historically and currently women are leading in

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09 Aug 2012

When A Sweet Love Goes Sour: 7 Ways To Show Him Your Appreciation

“I don’t know what’s going on with him; he doesn’t seem to be paying me any attention. He used to always go the extra mile to show me how much he loves me, now it seems like he doesn’t even put forth the effort.  Now that I think about it,

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19 Jul 2012

Ladies Love V-bar: The Sensational Va-Jay-Jay Soap!

If you are like me, you probably thought the V-bar was a sensational new night spot that everyone was raving about.  But nope, its much more personal than that!  It’s an all natural eco-friendly soap for your va-jay-jay, and ladies (and their partners) EVERYWHERE are loving it. “Gotta Keep the

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18 Jul 2012

Sis 2 Sis: STOP NURSING THE PAIN – Moving Past Infidelity, Abuse And Emotional Suffering

A few months ago, I had a radio interview where a male caller spoke candidly about his past philandering ways.   He swore he was a changed man these past 10 years, yet his wife still treated him as a whoremonger.  The gentleman was at the end of his rope, feeling

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18 Jun 2012

“Fakin It Til You Make It”: 5 Tips On How To Be Successful

What is it that successful individuals have that make them so efficacious and assertive? What is it that keeps them producing greatness and how does it seem they automatically have that business mindset of never losing? It seems they have some type of internal drive that allows them to persist

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31 May 2012

Sis 2 Sis: 3 Reasons To Get a Little Kinky?

In the last few years, numerous sistas have moved from being silky, smooth, to kinky, curly, and wavy. Most of us who have taken the “natural” plunge (including me) are more than okay with it. However, our “unruly” locks have become a notable topic of discussion…especially for single sistas. It seems

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29 May 2012

Oh SNAP! The Condom Broke!

“Oh #@%! The condom broke!” a phrase you never want to hear during the midst of sex play! Talking about a mood killer! What?! The penis immediately goes south, the once plentiful flowing waters of the vagina instantly dry up like a barren desert and the look of anxiety replaces

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22 May 2012

What Your Friends Won’t Tell You, But I Will: 4 Reasons Why You Are Single

1. You’re too “picky.” Unfortunately, this may be code for being shallow or having low self-esteem.  Picky people often want someone who makes their stock go up.  I am not talking about having standards, I am talking about the type of narcissism that Marcus had in the movie Boomerang (remember

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17 May 2012

Happy Blended Families Do Exist: 4 Tips for Mother/ Stepmother Harmony

Normally I don’t directly dish out personal information, but due to a recent experience I felt it was totally necessary to mentally empower my fellow readers! While sitting in the hospital with my son and his Step-mother one of the nurses walked in and began referring to her as his

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10 May 2012

Sis 2 Sis: 6 Dynamic Women Share “Lessons From Mom”

This Sunday we will celebrate some of the most inspirational women in our lives, our Mothers.  Although my Mom is deceased, not a week goes by when I don’t utilize at least one of the hundreds of valuable lessons that Mrs. Daisy taught me.  I started thinking about how many

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06 Mar 2012

Sis 2 Sis: 8 Reasons Why I’m NOT A Hater

First let me offer a warning to my regular readers.  This post is a bit more raw than what I normally write.  I suppose I channeled my alter ego J.Steezy for this post.  I just couldn’t seem to express this in a politically correct way, so I’m getting straight to the grit!!

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05 Mar 2012

Does ONLY Dating Black Men Make You Racist?

It seems that black women dating outside their race has become a hot topic among ALL races.  My friends seem to all get pissed because so many other ethnicities seem to take an interest in who we are screwing. As for me, I’m just amazed at how many of ‘the others’ are

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27 Feb 2012

Oscars 2012: Short Locks ROCK The Red Carpet

As I sat watching the Oscars last night, I took notice of Viola Davis and Robin Roberts hair almost immediately.  I don’t think I had seen a sister on the Red Carpet with short hair since Halle Berry.  And in this case Viola was also NATURAL.  WOWsers!!! A major change

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21 Feb 2012

5 Steps To Living Fabulously After 40

Turning 40 will put you in the unique position of embracing life completely!  Here are 5 steps that are bound to help you enjoy living fabulously. 1) Heartbreak is a natural part of life. Learn to embrace it. The day before my 40th birthday I had a horrible breakup with

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10 Feb 2012

WOW, I Need To Think About This

I had a moment with life this past weekend and it really had me pondering my future. One of my very good friends got married over the weekend…CONGRATS AGAIN LUV!!!  I actually missed the entire ceremony …not on purpose like one person I know, but that’s her cross to bear…smh.

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03 Feb 2012

New Year = New Outlook

Happy New Year to every one…and a new year  it is indeed! <<<With my late a**… And yes, I haven’t posted anything since my break up with Prototype. And yes, it hurt THE HELL out of me.  I wasn’t in a robe eating Breyer’s all day and night…but I did

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29 Dec 2011

Does He Give Really Good Head?

In the beginning, he is sweet, attentive, and the chemistry is obvious.  The thought of seeing him gives you butterflies and he makes you giggle like a teenage girl. When he touches you, you shiver involuntarily and his kiss makes you float like Tinkerbelle.  Your feelings are bubbling over in

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