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Check Your Surroundings

You know the good thing about when my brain gets to work is that its on tha move and the bad thing about when it gets to working is I can’t write it down fast enough lol.  This morning I woke up and asked myself,” Am I surrounding myself around uplifting people?  People that have my best interest at heart, people that want the best for my future, people that rejoice in my happiness and people that stop to pray for my family and I?  Or do I keep the company of downers, people that wait for me to trip so they can judge the fall, people that talk down on my future when I’m not around and say, “She will never…”, and people that have pity for me instead of uplifting me”.  I really had to evaluate my life because by me being such an outgoing/friendly person, I allow many different people to enter in and fail to do a check scan on them to see what they really are all about.

Sad to say but this world we live in is so secretly cut throat. We tend to push away or neglect the ones that are uplifting because the ones that are not have an Academy Award for being the star in the movie “Friend”.  I told myself I wouldn’t get to the point of allowing what another human does affect me and my feelings, but that’s not as easy as I thought.

Say for instance, if one of my friends were to come to me and say they want to invest in a bag of worms and that’s their dream; although I must say I would have to repeat back to them what they said to be sure this is what they want, I would support them in every way possible.  Speak life into their dreams, uplift their spirits when others are telling them how silly the idea is, and knowing how much I personally hate worms, I would even go with them to pick them out.  Saying all of that to say, try not to be a dream killer, in turn, help them to be a dream chaser…You never know the outcome.  Speaking life into another person is so important; I mean I can’t say it enough! Even if that person tries and fails, they still had the beauty of trying; they had something else to add to their journey in life.  Look around you, all of this wasn’t created for us to just be, we have to explore the living and learning of life, and how beautiful to have someone uplifting you along the way.

So after boggling my mind and questioning myself about these people I allowed to enter my life, I began to question me.  “Show me myself …” is what I said when I looked in the mirror.  Not just the face that I see on a daily basis but show me my character, what is it that I have to offer to the world? Sometimes we need to see the reflection of what we display to others.  How can you correct what you don’t recognize; and maybe people are showing traits of what they feel are shown to them.  I know me personally; I would rather be in the company of one positive person versus being in the company of one hundred negative ones, who wants to be surrounded by death? In conclusion I will say people are and forever will be the unsolved variable.

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Bianca Lynette

Bianca Lynette

Bianca is a poet, inspirational writer, mother, fiancee and encouraging spirit. Her passion is encouraging and inspiring others with her writings, positive words and affirmations to show them that there is hope for tomorrow.