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Contrary To Popular Beliefs…PLEASE Think Like A Lady (A Man’s Perspective)

I am grateful that women generations before us did not think like men.  Could you imagine what life would have been like for so many children and families if women thought it was OK to abandon their children and neglect their families?  Both historically and currently women are leading in the “thinking” arena.  There is hope for children in the next generation because women think it is a good ideal to raise their children in church and have a relationship with God. Intellectual influence and systemic impact in the life of families is possible, because women think it is a good ideal to read.  And when most of our great male leaders fall, it is their woman who thinks it is a great ideal to forgive; saving the hopes and dreams of family life while reinforcing the integrity of marriage.

The glory of manhood has diminished and needs to be revived.  Men are made shameful because of the way they think.  Their thinking leads them to believe that they have control over things that cannot be controlled by human effort.  Their thinking makes it challenging for them to connect with the women they love and the children they make.  Their thinking drives them toward premature decisions about sex and masturbation that captivate them as addictions and sensual seductions that take a lifetime to break free from.  Their thinking gives them the illusion that they have to be better than every other lion in the jungle. So they compete with every other man they know, and find themselves lonely and disconnected at the end of the day, leaving them most vulnerable for anything to happen.  When they are lonely, their pride begins to think for them and makes it very difficult for them to talk about what they really struggle with.  Their thinking is task oriented, so they measure themselves by what they do and how much money they make, rather than by who loves them and who they are in love with.  Their thinking is concrete, which makes it hard for them to see the other side.  In essence, men think before they love and some men never come to love because they think too much.  When women think they are in love they are willing to give anything. Men want everything without being in love.

So women, keep thinking like women because many of you are already forced to act like men.  You are caring for your children.  You are working to pay your bills. You are cooking and cleaning your homes. You are taking care of your families needs and you still find time to be your man’s lover.  If anyone can help men regain their manhood, women can.  As a matter of fact, women must, because they have the most influence in the lives of the next generations of boys who are on their way to manhood.
And yes readers, I am a man, married for sixteen years, with children, and raised by great women, who thought like women, and saved my life forever. “Think Like A Lady, Act Like A Man”.
Leroy Scott is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and a Professional Counselor (LPC). In addition he is the host of 360 Life Talk Radio Show and author of  Unbreaking The Heart.  Visit Leroy’s website or follow him on Twitter at @Scott_Leroy.
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BLF Staff Writer

BLF Staff Writer