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Coping With Divorce and Depression – Learn to Fight It

Many things can trigger depression. Divorce happens to be one of them. Feelings of regret, isolation, cheating and suicide are common for a person who struggles to adapt to life without a partner. Coping with divorce and depression is not easy, learn to fight it.

Talk to your kids

Like adults, children can be seriously affected by divorce and find it hard to cope with their feelings. Parents avoid talking to their children because they feel the experience becomes harder to bear. But this is untrue. By ignoring your child, you leave that child to cope with the divorce and depression alone. The child will struggle and this is not good for you or your child.

Coping with divorce and depression is not only about you. Be careful you do not talk negatively about your ex. It is important you make your children understand the situation and make them feel better about it. Seek counseling for your children. This provides them to talk about the divorce and how it is weighing them down.

Not all children would open up to their parents. Some will readily talk to a counselor. Sessions can be conducted one-on-one or with family.

Focus eyes on other relationships

Divorce can be frustrating and overwhelming. Do not use the period to forget your closely-knitted relationships. Stay close to those who love you. Let them provide you with inner strength and keep you from falling into that depression black hole.

This does not mean you are forgetting about the divorce period in your life. You are leveraging on the emotional support. Divorce has been known to leave people in grief and hurt. It helps to be reminded that people love and care about you. Be focused on the more positive aspects of what life has on offer.

Personal Time Out Sometimes, people get caught up looking after others they forget about looking after themselves. Their own emotional needs and feelings take a back seat while they attend to their children. And other problems and challenges the divorce has brought about.

This is dangerous. Those subdued emotions can erupt when least expected. By acknowledging that your own emotions and feelings are just as important, you heal faster. And put yourself in a great position to provide healing for your children.

Coping with divorce and depression is a hurtful experience. Stay in touch with your feelings. But care for those who are emotionally wounded by the divorce. Use your strength and positive outlook to life to prepare for the happy journeys in life. You can emerge hale and hearty from your divorce experience.

So are you having challenges with your divorce? Take charge and recover from divorce today.

Author: Deborah Banks
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