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Cougar-Hood Never Looked So Good

…or “house cat” as my homegirl would call me…considering I’m only in my late twenties….

I date men older than me…period… always have; they’re usually between the ages of 28-35. I’ve only dated two guys who were younger, one of which is recent, and the other I’ve known almost two years now. I’ve always thought that young guys were the worst to date for various myths, but due to recent events and closer observations, I’m compelled  to believe otherwise.

The first would have to be, let’s call him Chocolate City,(me and these names! :-)). We actually met on several different occasions, but it wasn’t until we made an excursion out of town with a mutual friend that we actually had chance to see what one other was about, not intentionally…it just kind of happen that way.

He’s three years my junior and he caught my attention when I saw him reading Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power, a staple in my own collection of books. (His cascading dreadlocks ALSO caught my attention *hehe*).  From that point on we’ve been friends, lovers, and  business partners…only reason we’re not together is distance and he would agree.

We’ve never lived in the same state and niether of us is into the long distance thing…we have trust issues, not with each other per say…just period. Anyways, he’s gentle, intelligent, encouraging, inspiring even…he makes me want to grind harder for the things I ultimatley want out of life and holds me accountable if I don’t.

The most recent, we’ll call him Baby Boy, for no other reason than the fact that he’s 21 ( I always chuckle when I state how young he is), but Baby Boy is some kind of persistent AND adorably handsome on top of that. The first time I shot him down was in November 2011, but he kept on pursuing me…his reasoning: “because life is too short not to go after what you really want…” I was moved.

I really have to give Baby Boy credit though, he definitely has a seasoned soul. He’s an ambitious junior in college with plans for the future. He has a great sense of humor with  genuine character. And he says some of the cutest things like ” I just love looking into your eyes” OR my personal fav, ” I just hope I don’t do or say anything that reminds you that I’m 21.”  Cute right?

I only found these traits out after shooting him down two more times though lol. It wasn’t until Valentine’s Day that I actually did say yes; the cookie cake he brought to my job was a nice touch…so I said what the heck! It was a thoughtful little gesture in my book and I let him take me out that night. I’m glad I did though, he’s brought back the idea of courting with a 21st century spin…and I like it…a lot.

The observations I’ve made about my young suitors in comparison to the older guys I’ve dated are paramount! Baby Boy and Chocolate City are attentive, adventurous, and organic; where as the older guys are lazy, boring, and stuck in their own ways. Over it!

I’m thinking this could very well be the beginning of my “cougar-hood” lol… because right now the youngins’ are #winning! (in my best Charlie Sheen voice). 🙂

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B. Knight

B. Knight

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