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Dating In The ATL: The Good, The Bad And The Unbelievable

So what’s it really like to date in Atlanta as a woman in her 40’s? It varies. The vast majority of the dates I’ve been on have been disastrous. I’ve been on dates with all kinds of men in an effort to figure out if I can be flexible in some areas or not. It wasn’t a bad exercise as I learned that there are some things that I simply cannot be flexible on. Intelligence is a major requirement for me. Without it, I can’t hold a good conversation which is the source of my attraction to a man. Of course, he can be fine and sexy as Idris Elba but if there’s nothing upstairs, UGH!!! I have no love for him. Considering that I’ve been divorced for a few years, I thought I’d try online dating. I can’t say the entire experience has been a bad one but it has been one hell of a ride. The worst date I’ve had in the past year? I went out with this one guy from New York and he’d only been living in GA for a few months. He didn’t have a car and claimed he used a car service. My Scooby ears immediately went up. He had me meet him at this place in Stone Mountain in this hole in the wall shopping plaza. His cousin dropped him off. I’m just going to let that sink in for a minute. We go inside to shoot pool. Ok, I’m good with that. I’ve got a little skill. About 20 minutes into the date, he goes into the restroom which is right by the table we’re playing at. He comes out and everything’s all good. Then about 5 minutes later, I smelled what could only amount to be the smell of toxic waste that had been consumed by a “chittlin eatin” dragon who passed its excrement in a pool of sulfur and the smell wafted into the pool hall where we stood. I think I blacked out for a minute and then after that, I was ready to go. He went on as if nothing happened and I was truly offended. I mean, how could an individual release a smell of that magnitude into the atmosphere and not freaking apologize for that?


Now that I’ve gotten myself all into my feelings, I will take this moment to note that there are approximately 80,000 more women than men between the ages of 18 – 64 in Atlanta. With a male/female ratio like that can anyone imagine how hard it is to find a decent date? There have been a few surprises. I’ve gone out with one gentleman who enjoyed a variety of things to do. We talked like we were old friends from the first day we met. He’s sweet. We’re still in touch. Then there was another handsome gentleman whom I made a prior arrangement to meet at a bar. He walked in the door and swept me off my feet with one of the most passionate kisses I have ever experienced in my life, in public. I was too consumed by the moment to be embarrassed, all I could say was “ok”. I couldn’t even be mad. That took a great deal of testicular fortitude and it was actually very pleasant. Overall, dating in Atlanta is truly an experience that will challenge a woman in more than one way. Ultimately, we have one of two choices to make. We either take each experience and learn something from it and grow as we fine tune our selection criteria, or we become bitter and angry because things didn’t work out. I choose the first option. I’m determined to figure this thing out.

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Tai Davis

Tai Davis

Tai Davis has been an opinionated writer, thinker and poet since the 90’s. She also authored a collection of poetry titled “Mind Funk Times 21” which is designed to shine a spotlight on things that women of color experience throughout their lives. The book is available for purchase on