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Dear Ladies, A Man Should Be Your Satisfier

For those of you who are married or in a committed relationship, you know that understanding your mate is like picking up a second language; complex yet feasible. Our differences are what ultimately attract us to one another, but it’s those same differences that can be the root of our problems. The question is- are you willing to make the most of those problems?

We are all human and as much as we sit around and rehearse how “perfect our relationships are”, there are many times when we think or feel like, “I would be so much better off without you” or “the only reason I feel this way is because of you”.

But do you know your role in a relationship? I know, I know, it’s a new day and relationships are all about equality all the way around; yet would you believe me if I told you that you were wrong? Ladies, did you know it is your husband’s (or man’s) role to satisfy you? Yes, the man’s sole purpose is to be your protector, your rescuer, and ultimately YOUR satisfier!

Have you ever heard the quote, “For a man loves his wife as he loves himself”? Well, it’s absolute truth.

If you want to get a grasp of what a man thinks about himself, look at his wife or girlfriend. If you’re miserable or unhappy all the time, it’s because your man is a miserable or unhappy man. When your man looks at you, it should be like looking in a mirror. The concept here is that as you allow him to be a man and fulfill his role; he will in turn satisfy you.

Being in a committed relationship is like stepping up to an irreplaceable leadership role in life. The more responsibility, the more of a servant he should become. However, let’s not misconstrue being a servant with being subservient, but that’s a blog post discussion for another day.

Listen up ladies- love will always transcend emotion. Love is driven by needs. Your mate should choose to meet your needs even when he doesn’t feel like it. The problem is, how can he know your needs if he doesn’t understand your needs… this is the greatest conundrum known to man.

Now, what we men fail to realize (the good ones will pick up on this), is that women want to know that you are more concerned with her, not her problem.

Women don’t need an intellectual solution to an unchangeable problem. They need an individual who is willing to invest the time to listen to what they are saying and how they are saying it.

All in all, isn’t it funny how when you first met taking your time with things was of essence and now, deeper into the relationship, it’s not permitted? So naturally you begin to feel misunderstood, discontent and unsatisfied because your mate’s investment level has gotten so low. The ideal man should meet these needs as it is his role. If you can write on a piece a paper the things you do for him and it outweighs the things he does for you, a change is in order. Not necessarily in mate, but at least in your frame of mind. Understand your worth and make your man work towards satisfying your needs.

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Wilson Manigat

Wilson Manigat

Wilson and his wife Debbie operate an innovative health and wellness lifestyle brand providing content, counseling, coaching, and resources for families and individuals to thrive.