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Did I Pull A Taraji?

“Taraji”, as in Taraji P. Henson, the actress who plays Lauren in Steve Harvey’s highly anticipated film, Think Like A Man;  hopefully you’ve seen it already, if you haven’t …SHAME ON YOU! And although they’re mixed reviews, I thought it was pretty damn good.

I remember purchasing this book back in 2009 when it debuted and shot to the top of New York Times Best Seller list. I was 23 and definitely one of the women in the first scene trying to get my hands on the scarce publication. I don’t think I got into a “snatching war”, but someone might have gotten the stink eye…I can’t be sure though; but for the next two weeks, I was a student in Mr. Harvey’s class, and I began mentally rolodex-ing tips like:

  • The 90 Day Rule… ( but I don’t think I ever actually implemented it)
  • Asking him what he feels about me as opposed to what he thinks about me
  • Taking note of how my guy introduced me, (whenever I heard “Oh this is Brittany”…I’d be crushed L)

But I also remember not agreeing with some of Steve Harvey’s points, and those I can’t remember of course, but after seeing the movie, I dug  that book out so I can get a refresher course. Seeing that I’ve grown a great deal since 2009, I’m convinced I can better process the info that I thought was  superfluous…aaaannnddd also because I may have messed up. Let me explain…

Taraji’s character, Lauren is a Type A personality- powerhouse, “execu-dress” (female executive), who has the career, the money, the penthouse, the car, but no man. In her case, she has it backwards, she thinks like a man, and acts as a man. She wants the guy with status and a title, and almost misses out on love because of it. Now I don’t have all of those things, but I’m more stable than my beau, well former beau now.  In the movie, Tariji is about to issue her love interest his walking papers after she finds out he’s a blue collar chef.  The only difference between her and I is that I actually did… and I kind of wish I didn’t.

My conflict was between emotion and logic. My emotion said stay, BUT my logic said go, because what I was seeing wasn’t lining up with what I was being told. I tried taking his side into consideration, like the fact that he was afraid and froze on me, but I didn’t trust enough and I didn’t exercise patience with him either…which is ultimately what I was learning inadvertently.  And you know what they, “There’s no logic in love”…but what about in “like”? *sigh*

I’m hoping that we can rekindle, but it who knows at this point. Besides, I know I have to see him again… shooooot he has my favorite pair of shades!… but until then:


Everything You Need To Know About Men and Relationships Is Right Here”

*turns page*

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