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Do CHIVALRY and KANYE Go In The Same Sentence?

Recently paparazzi snapped photos of Kim Kardashian pumping gas while boyfriend Kanye West waited in the car (the Lamborghini that SHE bought him).  Some have said that she was being a good woman and catering to her man, others have said, and i quote “dang Kanye is a pimp”. Hmmm interesting, the whole thing left me wondering to the words ‘chivalry’ and ‘Kanye’ go in the same sentence.

As a young girl it was drilled in me the role of a woman that i should uphold. You know things like, cooking, cleaning, washing your mans, clothes, etc. But in that same lesson I was also advised on how a man should treat me, and not necessarily because he has to but because he wants to. While most have criticized Kanye for letting his woman pump gas, there are some that will argue that its nothing wrong with it. Women activist have fought for years for women independence and rights but complain when a man allows his woman to exercise her “rights”. LOL. But think about it, how much independence do women REALLY want to have?

A lil history lesson, chivalry began as the rules and customs of medieval knighthood. It went on to mean chivalrous acts or gallant deeds, and the saying that chivalry is dead derived from those kind acts and customs of men toward women has been lost or abandoned. This is somewhat true. I simply think chivalry has evolved, as all things do, or it has switched genders, sort of say. In all honesty, men dont have to work as hard as they use to to impress or keep a woman. The current men to women ratio in Atlanta is 1:10. Whoa! In the dating world this is an extreme disadvantage for women, especially women with any sort of standards. More often than i would like, ive heard guys say “If you wont do it, she will.” Ugh! Disgusting but true statement. But how do you compete with that? Do you, the woman, now have to exhibit chivalrous acts to get/keep a man? Probably. Men want to see what sets you apart from the other one million single ladies that he has potential to date.

To me chivalry simply means people committing kind acts for others for no profit or advantage. Notice i said people, with no emphasis on gender. A woman can hold a door for another woman. A woman can grab hold of the door for a man with arms full of groceries. Being kind and considerate to someone whether they are your significant other or not is chivalry, and chivalry is dead because both, men and women killed it!

* Image courtesy of NecoleBitchie.com


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