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Epiphany of a Strong Black Independent Woman (pt. 2 of 3)

Before you start to read this post and get confused, please read the previous post “Epiphany of a Strong Black Independent Woman (pt.1)“,   to get up to speed.

The Phone Conversation:

Her: wassup dude

Me: Nothin! how have you been?! How’s the Fam?

Her: ok everyone is fine. what about you

Me: I’m making it. You know the phrase. One day at a time

Her: ok, i feel ya. thats all we can do

i can’t wait tbe done with school

Me: lol why am I trying to click [like] under what you just said?!

How much longer you got?

Her: lolo

you r a  retard

dec. 26

Me: UH OH!!! Hang in there!

Her: man it has been tuff

Me: anything worth haveing..

Her: left working at a Dr. office to work towards my goals, but it is hard with one income but I thank god for O holding everything down i am just use to having more than enough, but now its day by day step by step  but our future is looking up when r u coming by?

Me: ASAP I been trying to come up for the longest now, but I work every weekend…

Her: oh i understand we taking a vacation in November a four day cruise so hopefully we get to see you before then

Me: That and my car is messing up and I haven’t had the time to look into it

Her: awee that sucks

Me: OOOOOH!!!! Congrats!! Yall need/deserve it!

Her: really do ecspecially o

Me: And ur still blessed to have somebody to carry that weight even though it’s day to day.

Her: amen to that i just feel useless, i am use to adding to

Me: Naaah, sacrifices have to be made some time to progress! Just never forget.

Her: your’e right thanks

Me: Your welcome. And it ain’t like your sitting at home watching soaps. Your still grinding, school is not a joke!

Her: your’e right it isn’t a task, then i have to come home and be a wife and mother to seven kids

Me: Yup. But it comes with the territory. He has to come home from work and be a husband and Dad to 7 kids too. Not complaining about now and making the best of what yall got! It’s a little easier for him but yall both rowing in the same boat.

Her: true

Me: The bigger picture is always the destination.

Her: and that is what keeps me motivated

Me: [like] lol

Her: wow retard lol

Me: they aughta put a button on there! lol

Her: lol

Me: Anyway, you can see the finish line close and the reward as well. Stay motivated and always remember even the least amount of appreciation can take you miles.

Her: thanks hope to see you soon

Me: I hope so too. Tell O I said wassup

Her: i will he’s asleep

Me: lol I figured. Yall stay blessed.

Her: you too. goodnite

Me: Gnight


Check back for part 3.

Sighnin out,  nsumniac


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