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Trendsetta: Fashion Resolutions 2013

The new year is in full swing and so are the resolutions to get in shape, drop some bad habits, etc. But how many of us have made a resolution towards our fashionable side of life? A resolution is a declaration, promise or pledge that one makes. You can make some fashion resolutions in 2013 that will keep you happy and well dressed. Don’t know where to start on your list? Here are some suggested resolutions for men and women.

I will wear the right size and be happy about it: no more lying to yourself that the size you need is a number larger than you’d like. No more wearing uncomfortable shoes because they ran out of the ones that really fit you, or wearing something not in proportion with your face and body shape. Make a promise to yourself in 2013 that you will be the man or the woman, not the size letter or number. No more unfit garments, get them blazers and pants tailored to your body to reveal the polished man and woman within, you’ll be much happier with what you bought now that it truly fits your body.

I will take better care of my garments: I know I’ve been lazy when it comes to washing and taking care or clothes, I’ll admit. It’s important to watch those tags on our clothes to get the most out of them in the long run. No need to throw every type of garment in the washer and dryer for them to come out raggedy. Make a declaration to use the right detergents and fabric softeners. A little money invested in the cleaning portion will keep some money in your wallet. Invest in some good dry cleaning for the specialty fabrics and love on your clothes so they will last longer than a fashion season.

I will not be a victim of trends: Men and women know that not every trend is for them, but it’s okay to want to be a part of the in crowd every now and then. I’d suggest pick one or two trends in shoes or clothes and that’s it; don’t wear all the trends in one outfit otherwise you’d look like everyone else and not yourself. Make a declaration to yourself that you will be the one people notice, not what you wear. Whatever trends pop up in 2013, brace yourself and wear only what you like and mix it with what you already have. Who knows, you might make a new trend out of it for people to follow you 😉

I will redefine sexy for me: Instagram models and muscle heads please pay attention to this resolution above all else. Don’t dress in what the world thinks is sexy just to get noticed, get dates, etc. Dress and show off the skin that’s sensual, not sexual. With the barrage of booties, boobs and abs on the Internet, the word “sexy” is losing its variety. What happened to a long skirt with one slit not up to high heaven but “just enough?” Ladies bring back the mystery in your outfits. This is not a conservative view saying to cover up, but it’s an old school opinion that all that you have to offer does not need to be offered at the same time. Same thing goes for men. Your skin and the bulges in your shirt (or other places) do not determine your sexy: you do. It’s your walk, the way you hold your head, the look in your eye, the way you pull off an outfit with all of those things combined. Ladies still love a man in a suit, and men still love women who know the difference between enough and too much.

So what are your fashion resolutions? I want to wear more skirts this year and be bold with different lengths, redefining my sexy lol. Let me and @BlackLoveForum know what you’re declaring in your fashion in 2013!

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