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TrendSetta: Fashion Tips For Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday has become a national retailer pastime over the years for those who work in retail and the many others who love to shop for the deals. I have been on both sides of the coin and I can still say it’s thrilling to go Black Friday Shopping. You meet so many people and stand in line in the wee hours of the night for electronics, toys, and other gifts to get your loved ones.

This post is for men as much as it is for women because I know it’s mostly yall in those Nike lines! A lot of men go out with their girlfriends or wives on Black Friday and for some families it’s a post Turkey Day tradition. This post is for the rookie who is just starting out on Black Friday or for the seasoned veteran who may agree with the tips I’m about to give. Either way, gird your loins because you will be going into battle!

It’s 3 in the morning and you’re getting ready for Black Friday. Now most places in the US are very cold in the morning after Thanksgiving, so I don’t want you to go out there unprepared. I remember seeing people outside with their pajama pants on, fur coats, and the like. I’m telling you know that unless you have some old school long johns under those pj’s you will freeze! I’ve seen people dress up in Snuggies to keep warm outside, but it can get in the way once you’re in the store. The store lines stay packed for hours before the stores open and the malls open a little later depending on the stores.

My recommendation for Black Friday attire: sweat suits that are lined with fleece. Not only are you comfortable, but you get the bonus warmth without having to layer up. Dress smart, not fashionable, it’s too early to worry about what you look like unless you plan on being on the news for their Black Friday round ups. Besides a good layer of fleece, layer underneath with breathable cottons that will take the sweat because it will be warm in those lines inside the store! Have gloves and hand warmers, a scarf or two, a hat or other covering for your head, this weather is serious out here! Also wear some comfortable walking or running shoes, no heels and no shoes you’re trying to look good in because that won’t matter when those doors open and people being to rush you!

Ladies and guys, Black Friday can bring out the worst in people. It’s the beginning of the holiday season and a lot of people unfortunately submit to committing crimes like shoplifting and pick-pocketing. Protect yourself by putting your wallet inside of your coat and don’t carry a purse, the goal is to be as light as possible. You can have a small cross body bag to wear on the inside of your coat or one of those basketball bags that are lightweight and easy to open when it’s time to make your purchase.

Now that you have the outfit ready for shopping, what will you shop for? Most department or big box stores will have the stocking stuffers and promotional items to get you in the store. You can’t go wrong with stocking up on these fashion items for winter on Black Friday: pajamas for kids and adults, fleece items, winter accessories and sets, cashmere sweaters, and boots. If you’re going as a team or group, print the maps of the stores you’re going to (they have special Black Friday maps for stores like Target), and save time by spreading out and meeting up in line. When it comes to fashion gifts, we will reveal more in the weeks to come, but for now get ready for the biggest Friday in the shopping year starting with what you will wear.

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Tatianah Green