Gabrielle Union Dishes On How Negative Publicity Hurt Her Career [VIDEO]

Featured above is Gabrielle Union’s side of the story in this exclusive interview at Radio One Fest in Miami by T.T. Torrez.

Dwyane Wade‘s divorce was very bitter and very public with his ex Siohvaughn blaming actress Gabrielle Union for their marital woes.  The rumors have swirled for years, for the most part Gabrielle has remained relatively quiet about the situation.  Some say the Wades were separated when Dee & Gabby hooked up, others say the opposite.  Either way Gabrielle recently ranted about how her career took “a hit over that madness”.

Hmnm, its hard to say… I’m just thinking that Ms. Union just ran out of steam.  I mean we see her in the pretty much the same kind of role all the time and I for one would love to see her either diversify or move over for some fresh talent.  Sure, being labeled a ‘home wrecker’ is not a great thing, but with all the sensationalism around women with questionable morals, I’m not seeing many of their careers take a hit.   Ahh, I don’t see Alisha Keys, Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson taking fewer paychecks to the bank.   So maybe, just maybe the pseudo scandal is not the culprit for the decline in Gabby bookings.

But I must commend Gabrielle for staying out of the media with the dirty laundry.  Even though initially I was prepared to ‘chin check’ Gabby and take the side of Siovaughn (I usually side with the wife…sue me), the tides turned somewhere around dragging the kids into the ugly mess.  I get that the former Mrs. Wade was scorned, but continuously poking at Dee & Gabby in the media got old.  My philosophy is when I person decides to move on (and it is indeed a decision) then allow them the space to do so.  Lick your wounds in private and preserve your dignity.  In that regard, Gabrielle wins my vote hands down.

We may NEVER know when Dee & Gabby began their love affair or if it was the cause of the demise of his marriage, but what we CAN see is that after all years of drama, the couple remained together and seemingly more solid. Proof that in the end, drama always loses the game.

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