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Good Guy vs. Thug: And The Winner Is…

Once upon a time I was all about me. Every time I met a woman  I would let her know I was damaged and could only give her sex with no emotions. Most times I was closed off and cold, but even then they worked over-time to change me. Ironically, then no matter how much wrong I did I could do no wrong. I just assumed they saw something better in me, boy was I wrong!!

Fast forward to present day me, I’ve come full circle and am back to the Good Guy I was before I got my feelings hurt. However, now the same women who were so attracted to me then are no where to be found now. I first thought it was that I had run them off, or maybe it was karma, maybe I brought this on myself, or God had one hell of a sense of humor. Whatever it was I couldn’t figure it out.

So here I was looking for a Good Woman in the daytime with a flashlight, while guys who are like I was found them with ease. Could it be that what I been hearing is right?? That good guys finish last and woman want a bad boy?? Well apparently!

For a long time I’ve been trying to figure this out. Some of the same women that said they couldn’t find Mr. Right found him and left him for Mr. Wrong. Damn Mary J. Blige…SMH. I’ve heard everything from he wasn’t a challenge to that’s just not what I want. Have we been brain washed into thinking the same things that make us good men also make us weak men? Is it possible for me to love a woman and still be strong. The fact that I can treat a woman right should not disqualify me, but these days seems it does….SMH





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Robert Nolden

Robert Nolden

As an author, relationship advisor and speaker, Robert Nolden has taken life's lemons and truly made lemonade. After meeting and talking with many couples, he learned that oftentimes relationships could have been salvaged if there had been better communication. From that revelation came "From His Perspective" which seeks to enhance female understanding of what a man is saying and doing.