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Holiday K.I.S.S. – A Busy Woman’s Guide To The Holidays In 4 Simple Steps

If you call me busy, then you done said a mouthful!  Between running a business, keeping up with my family and hitting the ATL social scene, I barely have time to breath let alone baste a bird. See, I used to love the holidays, that is until I started to realize that I was always too pooped to appreciate them. I would spend days planning eats and treats, get the ‘good’ china out of storage and then fight ALL 3 of my sisters for elbow space to cook in the kitchen.  I used to LOVE that!!

That was until I got busy, old and cranky and realized that I didn’t enjoy all that stuff nearly as much as I enjoyed a chilling out with no fuss or turkey day worries.  What can I say, my priorities shifted.  So the dilemma for the past few years, has been how do I create a down-home turkey feast minus the back breaking work?

Remember, I was born and raised in the south, so there’s NO chance I could get away with just going OUT to dinner…  No self respecting ‘southern belle’ could take that approach to the holidays.  But I DID however find a few more shortcuts that still make my holiday home happy. Here are 4 ways I Keep It Seriously Simple (K.I.S.S.) for the holidays.


Well, you don’t have to be as stingy as me with the holiday décor, I just have a door wreath and table top Christmas tree…THAT’S IT!  Why, because I take the kids to the Magical Nights Of Lights for them to experience a REAL light display. It takes all the pressure off of me and  I don’t have to worry about missing lights or broken bulbs. But at the very least, I recommend buying a pre-decorated tree. Cut back as much as your holiday spirit will allow.


Yep, that’s right (don’t judge me)!  Rather than spend hours over a stove I call in to Piccadilly, Publix or Kroger and order a pre-cooked family pack.  The kit usually includes turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce and stuffing.  Throw in a few quarts of whatever veggies you decide and BAM!! you’ve  got a full blown dinner with only about an hour and a half of cooking.  Can’t say it tastes like Mama’s, but it does just fine.  And my sisters and I usually cook one dish each from scratch so that the dinner isn’t a total farce (giggles).


Belabored housework is another thing I dread, so I cheat a little.  I start cleaning about 2 weeks early, tackling the least used areas first.  Linens and table cloths are all washed, folded and waiting with just the right ‘kiss’ of freshness. I LOVE Gain Butterfly Kiss Scent powdered laundry detergent to keep my linens fresh until use.  The new fragrance is particularly delightful and yes, the scent actually DOES last for weeks, I promise! I must admit, I love a fresh smelling house.


I also find a few more ways to cut out the heavy lifting. I buys disposable cookware, so instead of being hunched over the sink scrubbing, then I can just toss the pans when we are done.  And as you might have guessed, I make great use of paper products; plates, napkins, cups and cutlery…just use and toss.  Then its time for the kiddos to earn their keep and wash the few dishes that were used.  I recommend Gain Lemon Zest Antibacterial dishwashing liquid, it goes a long way towards neutralizing kitchen odors.

I could recommend other things like early shopping, gift cards and gift bags instead of wrapping paper; but I’m afraid I will start to sound down right lazy at some point (LOL). Yep, I’d say I’ve just about got this thing down to a science. But I will let you know if it all turns out as planned.

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