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How To Wear Leg Warmers In 2013

As a kid of the Millennial generation, I have to admit that I’ve never really worn leg warmers. I always thought that these knitted pieces of fabric were fit for costumes that reflected that “totally rad” decade that I was born in- the 80s. I wanted to do a post on how women can go out with leg warmers and not look like they are going to a bar for karaoke night. Leg warmers serve the purpose that they are named after, but there are a few ways you can make them look fashionable this winter.


The dressy look can be achieved in two ways: with or without tights. There are so many tights out now that it gives us gals hope that we can wear our skirts all year round with reckless abandon. No shaving needed unless you opt for the really opaque tights that show your gorgeous legs.

For a night out for a dressy occasion, simple black leg warmers with a sexy pair of tights are great. Pay attention to the little details. The fabric materials used for the leg warmers don’t have to be the same as your dress or outfit, but they have to compliment it in some way.

When the hosiery is on, slip on your leg warmers and cover the top of your evening’s heels as far as the warmers can stretch. This adds a retro look to your shoes and keeps your legs and ankles warm on those cool winter walks out on the town. I took a picture of my leg in a patterned stocking with leg warmers and heels and it gives a cozy yet sexy look. I would top this look off with a red sweater dress or tunic that shows off my legs.

If you are warm-blooded and daring, go without the tights and opt for a hairless leg and leg warmers. It’s a youthful and sexy look, your date will appreciate a woman who takes care of her legs.

Day time Casual

Playing with color is easier to do this season with the trendy colored jeans that are out. You can grab your favorite pair of colored jeans and accent with a bold or neutral color of leg warmers. If you are color conscious about what you are wearing, tone down the overall look by wearing long or knee high boots. The leg warmers peek up at the top and you get the best of both worlds without looking too loud.

Places like Target and Macys have bright colored tights in the colors you like or have been waiting to try on. It’s okay to be bold for the winter! Mute the look with a neutral, black or white coat to bring the look together.  In this second photo is my leg in a bold purple stocking with brown leg warmers and wedge booties. This helps tone down the loud color of the stockings yet adds a pop that shows off my shoes. Balance is key when you put your overall look together.

Are you wearing leg warmers this winter? Share them with me on Twitter! @TforTrendsetta


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