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I’m Not The Enemy

Having your spouse accessible at all times can have its challenges sometimes.  Because of the close proximity of your spouse, you may tend to take your spouse for granted…not purposely.  Also, not purposely, we may sometimes treat our spouse unfairly due to other situations experienced outside of the home that has nothing to do with the spouse.  How fair and loving is that?

I know life can throw some hard balls our way at times…work…finances…sickness…loss of loved ones…plus many other life challenges.  It is important to realize that in these times, your spouse is not the enemy working against you, but is your teammate…your partner…your ally.  Start utilizing your spouse for one of the main reasons God put you together…as a Help Mate.  Use your spouse to help you get through those tough days at the office by talking about the challenges you faced that day.  Talk to your spouse about the pains that you feel or the disappointments you experience throughout the week.  This should not only make you feel better, but it will bring the two of you closer as a couple.

As you continue to practice this within your marriage, you both will realize that only the devil is the enemy in any challenging situation and he can be defeated.  Be sure to use your help mate…your ally…your spouse to defeat and overcome any challenges you face in life.

Love hard and love true.  Let us know your thoughts.

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Cedric and Christel Wells

Cedric and Christel Wells

Cedric and Christel chose to join their lives together on March 6, 2004. Over these seven years, they have endured obstacles that many married couples go through…learning the hard/easy ways to grow and strengthen their bond.