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I Just Don’t LIKE You Right Now!

He’s your knight in shining armor; she’s your angel and queen to be. You’ve been basking in each other’s bliss and nothing can take you away from those love-tinted shades you’ve been wearing. That is until…. you start tap dancing on each other’s nerves!

  • He snores
  • She sounds like a wild animal when she eats
  • He acts like a whiny child when he’s sick
  • She doesn’t listen
  • He doesn’t follow directions
  • That old lady muumuu she always wears
  • That dumb look on his face
  • How many times is she going to talk about people I don’t know
  • How many times is he going to tell that dumb joke that ain’t nary a funny!

Maybe at one point these used to all be cute. But now, they are reasons that you might be contemplating doing some physical harm to your boo. Rest assured, it’s ok! It’s not necessarily the end all/be all of your boo-age. There are times that even the most solid of relationships have moments where irritability persists and the love-tinted shades may get a crack or two. I promise you even Michelle sometimes looks at Barack like “this Negro has one more time before the Secret Service is gonna need to come get ME!”…and Barack is thinking “this heifer better get right before I get Presidential up in MY house!”

Healthy relationships are based on growth and communication. As you grow, your likes change. And as you become more accustomed to each other, the routine of a relationship might be a little too mundane for comfort. It’s important to recognize when you are starting to get on each other’s nerves and use those times as reasons to shift the focus from each other to yourself:

  • Find some me time
  • Hang out with your friends a little bit more
  • Give each other some space to stretch and breath, AND
  • Miss each other a little bit!

Shifting the focus so much from each other to yourself gives you a breather to address and understand why you might be so irritable lately and taking it out on your boo. Just because you’re an item now doesn’t mean you have to be connected to each other at the hip at all times. A little bit of personal space gives you an opportunity to stay in tune with yourself and be a better significant other to your boo. Cultivate some hobbies and spend time doing you so that when you are together, you have new and interesting things to talk about and learn about each other. And by doing so, grow together…with your love-tinted shades intact!



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Stephania Vereen

Stephania Vereen

Stephania Vereen is a former Educator now turned Freelance Writer/editor, Author and Speaker. She wrote and self-published the book Letters to Words and runs the Word of Mouth Today blog where she shares her experiences about people, places and things she likes and thinks others would appreciate as well.

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