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I Want My Popeyes Chicken

I cracked up when this one was laid upon my spirit.  So here I am at the gym, just finished swimming some laps in the pool, now taking a few minutes to relax in the steam room.  Relaxing to prepare myself mentally for the rest of the workday while at the same time creatively brainstorming what my next strategic steps should be towards growing my art business and other ventures.  As I am sitting in the steam room with the primary focus of burning calories and staying in shape, the vivid picture of a 2-piece mild & dark chicken meal from Popeyes popped into my head.

You see, I saw an advertisement the day before for a 2-piece chicken and biscuit special at Popeyes.  Then a picture of red beans and rice popped in my head.  When that happened, I immediately stood up to get ready so I could go get my chicken & red beans and rice.  Then it hit me.  I am here at the gym to get a full workout in.  That alluring image of Popeyes chicken completely distracted me from my primary focus at that given moment.  I then sat back down to finish my complete lunch workout regimen.

Now I know you are asking what the heck does Popeyes chicken have to do with love and relationships?  Well the chicken itself has nothing to do with love and relationships (unless you want to take your spouse to Popeyes for a date), but the situation involving the lure of the chicken has a lesson in it that can be transferred over to love, relationships, and anything else you may be focused on.  My primary focus that day at the gym was to contribute to my overall goal of staying in shape and being healthy.  The alluring vision of the Popeyes chicken temporarily distracted me from my primary focus at that point in time.

In your marriage and relationship, your primary focus should be to love your spouse with all of your mind, body, heart, and soul.  You must make sure you don’t allow distractions to come into your relationship and knock you off track from fulfilling your primary focus.  Guard your eyes, ears, and mind from things not beneficial to your relationship.  Try not to put too many things on your plate which will not allow time to grow and mature your relationship.  If you do find yourself getting off track, quickly try to understand the situation and make the necessary adjustments to get back focused.

And YES, I did eventually get my chicken.

Love hard and love true.  Let us know your thoughts.

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Cedric and Christel Wells

Cedric and Christel Wells

Cedric and Christel chose to join their lives together on March 6, 2004. Over these seven years, they have endured obstacles that many married couples go through…learning the hard/easy ways to grow and strengthen their bond.

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  1. Henry White Sr.
    October 13, 2011 at 11:50 PM

    Check out Cedric’s blog. He is sharing some excellent advice. Let him know what you think.