I’m Having An Affair (Part I)

This has to stop. I can’t believe I’m sharing this, but I have to admit it. I’m past the embarrassment and deeply desire true healing from the situation. You see, I want to keep the communication with my hubby fresh, active, and healthy. But, I have to make a decision. When it comes to the social life with my better half, I have to detach myself from the social intercourse that I’m entertaining with someone other than him.

We met several years ago. The moment I saw him, he became the apple of my eye. My eyes were locked. The electric spark was undeniable. His sleek black physique was so attractive. He was smart and one of a kind. At first, it was the fascination of experiencing something new. Now, it’s an addiction that is becoming difficult to break. He has my mind programmed by his countless applications of communication. I find myself giving more attention to this magnificent piece of art by the hour. We connect on so many levels and he gives me several hours of talk time. We converse by voice or text in the wee hours of the morning and during the course of the day; he even puts me to bed. When I rise, I’m eager to see if he’s holding any messages for me.

He’s beginning to interfere with the quality time I spend with my hubby. We’ve gotten so bold that we even interact in his presence. We watch movies together and reminisce to some of our favorite 90’s iTunes. I even use my skin to protect his frame in public. To make matters worse, I find myself desiring to brush my fingers across his face to screen the activity that happens with every ding, ring, or buzz—even if alert notifications aren’t sent. The secret love affair has to stop…well, somewhat. To Be Continued…


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Lakia Brandenburg

Lakia Brandenburg

Lakia is an accomplished writer and educator with a heart for love and relationships. She's written for Gospel Today and has freelanced for top national magazines such as Upscale. Creating a happily ever after story to be your reality.

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  1. Kyeshia Arrington
    February 20, 2012 at 5:24 PM

    What a way to keep me hanging……can’t wait to read part II!