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Is it Safe to Date a Woman Whose Divorce Isn’t Final Yet?

As a man, the one thing you hopefully have already begun to realize about your relationships with women is that nothing is guaranteed, especially when you start dealing with all of the emotional baggage that most people bring into the relationship. In this article we are going to talk about seeing or dating a woman who is still married but the divorce should be complete anytime now.

We aren’t going to get into the moralistic aspects of dating a married woman because that would be a rather black and white issue, either you or for it or against it.

Instead we are going to focus on what you can assume to expect to get out of being in a relationship with a woman whose divorce isn’t final yet.

First off, getting in what you would consider a long term relationship with a married woman brings two challenges with it.

  1. She is still married which means she still needs time to heal from what will eventually be the ending of her marriage.
  2. Any woman who would seriously consider the prospect of getting involved in a long term relationship with a man even though she is still married has some serious commitment issues.

In other words, for your own emotional sanity don’t expect any kind of relationship that you have with a woman who is still bound by law to another man to last for any extended period of time.

Of course, there are plenty of exceptions to this rule and as a man you are much better off going into it with the short term in mind and if it happens to evolve (very slowly) into a long term relationship then great.

Speaking of short-term lets move right into what is probably your safest bet with a woman who is in the middle of going through a divorce.

Simply going out with a woman that you happen to enjoy without the additional pressures of an actual relationship is your best bet if you find yourself attracted to a woman who is going through a divorce.

As long as you are aware of the following;

  1. She might not get divorced
  2. Her “Husband” might not be okay with the idea of her dating
  3. Her “Husband” might blame you for preventing the reconciliation of the marriage and in turn do his best to remove you from the situation by any means necessary.

If you are okay with these potential risks then go ahead and enjoy yourself, just don’t get to emotionally attached as she is the one going through a divorce not you.

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