Laughalujah: Comedian Mike Washington


Nearly everybody that enjoys standup comedy knows of comedienne Cheryl Underwood, right? Right. However, everyone may not know that for over 5 years, comedian Mike Washington opened up for Cheryl exclusively! He’s got to be a phenomenal comedian to get that honor, and trust me when I say Mike Washington is really THAT good. In fact, I call him dangerously funny!

Hailing from Washington DC, Mike is one of the comedy greats in that city and throughout America. He is known by nearly every mainstream comedian that you commonly see on TV and the truth is, many comedians don’t want to follow Mike on stage … the brotha is flat out hilarious … check him out talking about how he would handle hijackers.

Laughalujah promotes Christian comedians performing clean, family and faith based comedy. It is owned and operated by Duvale Murchison who has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

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