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Laughalujah Presents Comedienne Crystal P: “I’ve Been Delivered”

In 2006 Crystal P entered a standup comedy contest in Detroit and accomplished what nobody expected; she won the competition and was crowned the New Queen of Comedy! She’s beautiful, hilarious, gutsy and so doggone good on stage!  We took Crystal P with us on the Laughalujah “Silly as They Wanna Be” comedy tour and she DESTROYED audiences city after city.
Crystal P’s popularity is rising so fast that she’s becoming one of the most booked comediennes in the business while still working full time for the State of Michigan.  Can’t book her in June…only a few dates in July, August & September and yes, she’s going to be on the upcoming Laughalujah comedy show! The sista ain’t no joke!

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Laughalujah promotes Christian comedians performing clean, family and faith based comedy. It is owned and operated by Duvale Murchison who has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry.