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Lessons Learned From My Husband

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from my husband.  Some things took longer for me to give him credit for than others.  Here are a few of my favorite lessons.

1. God will always be first in our lives, our family and our home.  I luv the fact that my husband trusts and believes in the power of God.  He recognizes and understands that none of his success and accomplishments would have been possible without God’s blessings.  My husband says that I believe he is Superman.  I guess he’s right.  Because of our faith in God, I do believe my husband can do, be and conquer anything!

2. He will always be stronger than me.  I admire that even in times when he may be afraid or worried my husband always remains a strong, solid leader for our family.  He has carried us through some rough times; times that I didn’t even know were rough.  I am comforted by the fact that when the house alarm goes off in the middle of the night, I know he will jump up to defend our family and our home even if he has to beat the intruder silly with a belt (inside joke).

3. Yes, he luvs having sex…with me.  We’ve been married for almost 12 years and my husband still “wants” to have sex with me.  He finds me more attractive and sexy now than he did when we met over 16 years ago.  The best part is I luv having sex with him too (whew).

4. Every husband wants his ego stroked by his wife.  My husband is very attractive and sexy.  Women compliment him and try to make their move often.  While this is flattering, his desire is for me to compliment him and make my move on him.  As his wife, no other woman should make him feel more like a man and King than me, his woman and Queen.

5. I’m not always right; and he still luvs me when I’m wrong.  I don’t like being wrong, especially when my husband or girls are depending on me to be right.  When I’m wrong, I sometimes have the nerve to get an attitude with them – who does that??  My husband will usually go quite in these instances. I’ve learned that it’s not my being wrong that frustrates him, it’s when I don’t want to own up to the mistake I made.  Now, I do my best to immediately own up to my mistake.  That doesn’t mean I don’t get a little ‘tude every now and then, but at least I’ve taken responsibility for my actions.

6. Sometimes, I talk too much.  Did you lock the door is a yes or no answer; no explanation of how I walked over to the door and turned the lock and then turned the door knob to ensure it was locked is required.

7. He’s the man/head of our home (whether I like it or not) because God said so.  My husband does not enter a debate about the church or God without the bible.  When we were dating, we had many heated debates about church.  It would burn me up when he would say, “Don’t get mad at me.  That’s what the bible/God says.”  Our marriage is rooted in the principles of the bible; which means he is the head of the house.  I’m thankful that he does not abuse his position and does whatever he can to lead our family in the right direction.

Sweetner for your Mocha: Positive Intent is a term I learned while working at Target.  It means to assume that a person’s words and actions are coming from a positive place and are intended to help you do and/or be better. This is a great concept to apply to your marriage.  It has caused me to see things from a very different, positive perspective, even when I didn’t want to.

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Mairo Akpose-Simpson

Mairo Akpose-Simpson

Mairo has been married for 11 years to Allen Simpson. They have two beautiful girls: Alana 10 and Alexis 7. She is a God fearing, wife, mother, sister and friend who defied the odds and proved to many that statistics are just numbers.