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Lovetown Comes To A-Town: An Evening With Matchmaker Paul C. Brunson

Last weekend I had the pleasure of finally meeting THE Paul C. Brunson in the flesh.  I know what you are thinking WHO??!! Ok, he is the Black matchmaker dude that has that show on the Oprah Winfrey Network where him and the white chick take over a town in Georgia. Now you’re saying “oooohhhh THAT guy”! Anywho Paul is currently on tour promoting the Lovetown show and his new book (It’s Complicated, But It Doesn’t Have To Be).  Team Brunson put together a lil shindig in the A, and it was an amazing evening hosted by Pamela Sanders (aka @Wise_Diva) with the musical stylings of Mr. Rob Murat

The “Modern Day Hitch” – What Was Paul Like?

Let me start my saying that Paul reached out to lil ole me and extended a personal invitation to the event.  Sure we know some of the same folks and we have both been featured on Essence.com, but that doesn’t always translate to the warm and fuzzies.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the event, but shux, if Paul was inviting, then I was attending! I’m going to speed things up and just get to the good stuff.  I got my seat down front near the stage to get a good peak that this guy, let me just say I was not disappointed at all.

Brunson took the stage with Barack-ish confidence and swagga and almost instantly had us all cracking up with his humor and antics (poor Rob Murat, who was the butt of most of the jokes). And then he began to tell a story, which turned into a social experiment, when then turned into a little matchmaking and it all ended with us having learned some great lessons accompanied by side splitting laughter. I was in awe of his charisma and easy style, did I mention that he was easy on the eyes too (that is in no way an attempt to cyber flirt, I’m just glad that I wasn’t stuck looking at fugly for two hours – don’t judge me).

It Was THAT Moment!

There was a moment when I became an official die hard fan.  You might think with was the moment when he talked about the decision and courage it took to become a matchmaker, or when he talked about why he does it all,  or the second he stated that his wife was his CURRENT crush…but nope.  Those moments moved me, but it was the point when he came down from the stage and stopped next to my chair ( in the middle of his presentation) and he leaned over, hugged me and whispered in my ear “thanks for your support”!! THAT WAS IT!! The moment when I became a true fan!  It was like that moment in Avatar when we all learned what “I SEE YOU” meant. It was a moment of ultimate validation, that I was more than a mere blogger, Facebook fan, or Twitter follower.  Paul acknowledged that I was a person of value to him and his cause.

I’m sure you might ask why that was so important… because at the end of the day the key to human connection is feeling acknowledged and validated.  And guess what, Paul took that kind of time with most of the folks that night.  He seemed genuinely appreciative of the support from his audience…and THAT is why Oprah came calling.  You can’t buy are teach that kind of authenticity!

I could go on and on about what we chatted about afterwards…but yada yada yada, you would have had to be there to get the full spectrum.  But its not too late…

Where To Find Paul!

Needless to say that I highly recommend that you take advantage of the It’s Complicated tour in a city near you! And Monday nights check out Lovetown, USA, missed previous episodes? Get updates here!  You can also keep up with Paul on Twitter and Facebook.

All images provided courtesy of Erin Kyle Johnson of NightLifeLink.com

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