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Marriage: What’s Your Perception of Marriage? (pt 3 of 3)

Even though I tried, I couldn’t blame my parents’ failed marriage – or the few examples of how a man and woman were supposed to live as husband and wife as my reasons for not making it through the “for better or for worse” times. I realized afterward that I didn’t need an “example” of what picture perfect looked like. I couldn’t use that as an excuse to not be happy.

Despite my upbringing, my experiences, and everything in between, I had to become the example that it does exist, not in a fantasy world, but in a reality that I created.

No matter if you’re single, a soon-to-be bride, married, or divorced, understanding that you have the power to create the picture perfect marriage that you want is amazing. Regardless of your past and how your perception was molded by others, you still have the ability to make it last forever. Marriage is a beautiful union that many people are choosing not to entertain because of their perception. But perceptions can change. We are all creators. Therefore, you can create the union that you desire. If you’ve been down this road before or almost made it, you can create a new thing.

As I continued to sort through the negative, bashing comments about marriage, there was a beaming light at the end of the feed. I came across genuine fans and active participants of marriage. One woman believed that “Being married is wonderful! My husband and I love each other deeply, talk about everything and work on things together. We respect each other and are friends first and foremost. I couldn’t see my life without him in it. He is EVERYTHING to me.”

Another woman posed as a defense lawyer for marriage. “To all those who say they have been married for 10+ years and don’t know what’s good about marriage why are you still married? How long or how well did you know the person before you got married? Why did you get married? It is comments like those that make what is a beautiful thing seem so messed up to single people. It’s people who enter into something that they are not ready for or serious about, who make a mockery of marriage and the wonderful blessing it can be. I have been married for 10 years and love every minute of it!”

My mouth closed in reassurance and transformed into a peaceful grin. I knew it! All hope for having a great marriage was not lost. It was just time for naysayers to change their perception of what marriage is really all about.

 Excerpt from:  He’s not perfect. I’m not perfect… But together we’re… Picture Perfect (see links for author’s website below)

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