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Trendsetta: Masters of Illusion, This Year’s Summer Fashions

This summer, it’s all about giving an illusion. Now you don’t have to lie about your size, but you can strategically hide and accentuate certain parts of your body with the new trends in fashion without the need for extra items to hide your extra-ness. I’ll admit that a problem area for me is my midsection; my torso has no curve to it except for the occasional roll. What I like about the illusion wear dresses featured is that they give the person wearing the garment a svelte look, making my body appear to be more tapered at the waist, and what fashionable lady doesn’t want that?

Whether you have an athletic frame that you want to soften or you want to highlight your favorite curves, picking the right illusion dress for you is important. Here are a few options and factors to consider:

The direction of the lines: Are you short? Wear vertical lines to make you look taller. Want to hide your waist and hips some? Look at the way the lines of the dress fall on your body. That means, yes my dear, you should try it on in the store if you can. The dress should be in proportion to your height, so look at how the lines and cuts of the dress fall on your body.  Also be aware of necklines and sleeves so you don’t look shorter or cut off by your clothes.

The color scheme: Not everyone can wear the same color. We all know this, but sometimes ladies try to get away with a color that doesn’t like them, so make sure you chose a color that flatters your skin tone. Either it will highlight your skin (like white or gold on dark complexions) or blend with your tone to create a leaner look. That’s why many women opt for nude heels to make them look taller.

How you wear it: Now that you have the illusion, how are you going to wear it? Own the look from head to toe. Wendy Williams always says the bigger the hair the smaller the hips, so how will your hair compliment the overall illusion look? Also consider wearing the right shoes, jacket (if needed) and accessories to adorn your magic body. Wear your overall look with confidence knowing that you got this. Men are visual creatures and will love to trace your silhouette with their eyes. Wear the dress that fits you and compliments your figure best without having to show it all.

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Tatianah Green

Tatianah Green