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Blogger Bio – Robert Nolden (From HIS Perspective)

As a divorced father of 3  Robert Nolden has been through his share of life’s experiences. After enduring heartache and going through his own healing process writing became Robert’s outlet. His strongest motivation was giving his daughter some real life information he felt many women weren’t getting. So he launched

As an Author, Relationship Advisor, and a Speaker Robert Nolden, has taken life’s lemons and truly made lemonade. After meeting and talking to many couples, Nolden learned that many of their relationships could’ve been salvaged had there been better communication. It was at that point where he decided to become a translator of sorts, not only to help couples hear one another, but also understand.  Robert also learned that there was truly a need for women to get  honest insight from a male’s point of view.

Whether it is through his writings, online group, or public speaking, Robert Nolden encourages couples to learn about each other daily. As people are ever changing it is imperative that you are aware of not only who you are aware of not only who your mate was when you met them, but who they are becoming. By keeping these lines of communication open, you eliminate the possibility of waking up one morning with a stranger in your house.

Nolden also encourages individuals to know themselves. As it is difficult for a mate to know whom your growing into, this task is intensified when you may not know yourself. Though there are so many components to a healthy and successful relationship, it is his desire to become instrumental in helping people learn and apply each of them.


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BLF Staff Writer