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Blogger Bio: April Spicer (Spice Chic)

A woman of style and substance, April Spicer has a passion for dressing her clients and empowering them to take charge of their image that promotes professional success and personal well being. She is an image expert and fashion enthusiast who uses her infallible eye for style and warm personality to cultivate a styling experience that is exciting, fun and inspiring for her clients. There are many men and women who are super sensitive about their appearance, but April’s approach is nonjudgmental, and practical that will immediately put you at ease.

From Corporate America To Fashion Styling

Having a background in business, she has an excellent understanding of the image challenges within a corporate environment. As a multifaceted stylist, she enjoys working with creative teams, which has led to her work being published in several fashion magazines.  She is witty, articulate and well-presented.  She enjoys helping men and women develop a great self image, giving them confidence in both their personal and professional lives. April resides in New York.

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BLF Staff Writer

BLF Staff Writer