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Blogger Bio: Jai Stone (Emotional Nudity Required)

Emotional Nudist & Entrepreneur

(Personal Growth | Relationships |  Self Acceptance)

For nearly two decades, Jai Stone made a living based on her ability to create viable brands and sustain personal connections. As one of the Premier Brand Experts in the Southeast, Stone has delivered programs to clients such as The Coca-Cola Company and Turner Broadcasting System. Ms. Stone’s branding prowess also led her to become a pioneer in social media and social entrepreneurship. Jai has been named one of the Top 50 Black Business Women Online (twice). Additionally she has been a featured expert with Black Enterprise, CBS Radio, NPR and The Atlanta Journal Constitution and has earned the coveted ‘Best of Atlanta’ title from Atlanta Tribune Magazine.

In 2008 Jai began to chronicle her personal challenges on a blog that quickly garnered her an immense and devout following. In 2011 Jai gave in to pressure from her followers and launched Black Love Forum, an organization dedicated to creating healthy relationships in the Black community, through their website and events. Just 10 months later, a companion publication Black Love Mag was launched. In just one short year, content from The BLF Media Outlet has been featured on and and the site has been nominated for 3 Black Weblog Awards including Best Sex and Relationship Blog.

Staying true to her passions for personal growth Jai Stone has also founded EmotionalNudity a lifestyle brand which offers a blueprint for living a NO FEAR, NO APOLOGIES lifestyle.

As a leader in her industry, Stone has received accolades from organizations such as The Cambridge Who’s Who, Greater Women’s Business Council, Atlanta Business League, Black Business Women Online and the Young & Powerful For Obama.

Ever so humble, Jai Stone ALWAYS refers to herself as an OBEDIENT VESSEL and believes her current work to be her divine calling.

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BLF Staff Writer

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