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Blogger Bio: The Conversation…Continued

The Conversation…Continued is the private Facebook group with over 200 members.  The group’s name is a piggy back off of the best-selling relationship dialog book The Conversation by Hill Harper.  Affectionately referred to as TCC by its members, The Conversation…Continued is the catalyst for  TCC and BLF founder Jai Stone was passionate about starting a movement to improve relationships in the Black community. She started TCC with a few friends sharing the same passion and the group grew to over 200 in just 3 days.  After a few weeks of dialog, the members of TCC felt their conversations and experiences should be shared with the world and was born.

The group prides itself on open and honest dialog, reciprocal teaching and learning and accountability for both sexes.   We are delighted to share some of our most exciting discoveries here on BLF.

We invite you to join our BLF Community and start your own discussions and groups today!

Note: TCC is a PRIVATE Facebook group and is not open to the general online community.  However, we have agreed to share our most open and honest dialog here on BLF and on our Facebook Fan Page.  We invite you to submit your questions to TCC via email

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BLF Staff Writer

BLF Staff Writer