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BLACK LOVE ROCKS: Married To Medicine In Real Life – Meet Dr. Damon and Dr. Heavenly Kimes


The Couple: Dr. Damon Kimes & Dr. Heavenly Kimes

Location: Conyers, GA

Relationship Longevity: 15 years

Best advice to young couples: “We always speak positively over our lives and pray. It makes a difference.”


Dr. Heavenly Kimes owns four dental practices in metro-Atlanta (Heavenly Dental Associates).  She’s been practicing dentistry in ATL for over 12 years while hubby Dr. Damon Kimes is a sought-after ER surgeon in Thomaston, GA.

The couple has a busy life — 3 kids and 3 dogs! – but they’ve managed to make it work for 15 years. Dr. Heavenly’s mastered the art of work-life balance – so much so, that she wrote an advice book recently called Dr. Heavenly’s Business Prescriptions: You CAN Have it All!


Q:  How do you think Married to Medicine will differ from the other reality shows currently airing?

Dr. Heavenly – I really don’t watch reality TV , but looks to me that these women really  have themselves together ..most of them are very well established , reality TV  seems to be a real money maker for the producers of those shows …it’s  pure entertainment … I think many people look too far into it .

Dr. Kimes –  I don’t watch reality TV

Q:  What advice would you give to newly married couples?

Dr. Heavenly – To always keep communication open and know you are on the same team
Dr. Kimes – to always treat your wife with respect , and never do anything to her  you would not want her to do to you , always be forgiving

Q:  What things do you wish you would have known BEFORE marriage?

Dr. Heavenly – I wish I would have known ,  how hard it is to be submissive . Its very difficult for me to keep quiet when I know I should
Dr. Kimes – My wife is very  intelligent  as I look back on some things , I wish I would have just listened to her for a lot of things from the beginning

Q: What are some tips (2-3) you would give on preparing yourself individually for marriage?

Dr. Heavenly – learn to love yourself first, to keep your priorities in order  God, family, then career.

Dr. Kimes – Always pray with my wife , it reminds us who is really in charge ,  Keep the woman first , If she is happy ,everyone is happy ,she is the heart of the family .I have to make sure I make the best decisions for my family. 



Q: How do you guard your marriage from family and friends input? Early on in the marriage…

Dr. Heavenly – I don’t listen to outside input in my marriage, most of my friends and relatives are NOT married so I always say  don’t ask a person how to make a million dollars, if they have never done it

Dr. Kimes – I really don’t talk to my family about my marriage

Q: What is the #1 reason you believe your marriage has survived?

Dr. Heavenly – Knowing that my husband loves me and he is always looking out for the best interest of me and our children
Dr. Kimes – Its not an option to leave, I love my family too much

Q: What’s the greatest thing you’ve learned from your spouse?

Dr. Heavenly –  How to be humble, and to think about the feeling of others

Dr. Kimes –  My wife inspires me to do and be better in life and in business, she is just a go getter, we motivate one another


Dr. Heavenly

Marriage is NOT easy  , you will have your ups and downs …its important to always be mature.  To pick and choose your battles …sometimes the best thing you an do is to keep quiet

Its very important to be submissive  and show gratitude (THANK HIM) for all he does, let the MAN be the Man.  Keep him well fed,  give him good intimacy,  and give him space. Make him feel important , let him KNOW you need him . Even though I’m a career woman,  I have to take my boss hat off when I get home  and be a WIFE to my husband and a MOTHER to my children.

It seems in today’s society  the role of man and woman has become grey to a lot of people .. but not to me …I am to uplift my husband and give him support when he needs it ….and its ultimately HIS responsibility  to ensure the safety and financial security of the family as It is my responsibility to be the backbone that nurtures and holds the family together ,  Although we both help with each others roles , we are clear what  our roles are , and I think that is important .            

Dr. Kimes

As men  we  have to realize  how important we are to the family , We have to lead the household with prayer and lean on God to help us make the best decisions for our family .

I know that my wife and my kids are the reason I get up every morning , they depend on me.  Marriage  can  be difficult at times and we may not always agree.  But with a lot of prayer, communication and respect , I know that most marriages can make it through most anything …did I say its not easy ?

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