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The old adage says that money can’t buy you happiness. Well, I say that it may not buy happiness, but it sure puts a down payment on it. When your finances are in order, you have more freedom in your relationship to love. As a wife, I’m starting to realize the real purpose for money. Money equals endless possibilities. It opens shut doors, or it’ll buy you a door to open yourself. The power that money brings is immeasurable. But there’s a catch. You have to know how to manage it – not to mention develop a healthy relationship with it.

Any married couple realizes the power that money brings to their union. Having a substantial amount of money (the amount varies for each couple) will position them into a realm of financial freedom. The liberty to explore all of life’s hidden treasures will be afforded to this couple all because they have access to this tool. The burden of having no money creates problems that can lead to addictive and destructive habits. You can have every good intention to have a successful marriage, but if your finances aren’t in order, you will realize that the spouse you attached yourself to is 205 pounds of debt which equates to tension, unhappiness, and resentment.

Now some of you may be reading this in total disagreement, and that’s okay. It’s such a contradiction when people who don’t have money say it’s not everything. I’m simply implying that when it comes to a lifetime partnership, it plays an important role. Money is needed for every functional realm in our lives. Anything from filling up your gas tank, purchasing food and clothes, and paying your mortgage—money is the common denominator. This doesn’t mean that the focus of the relationship will be on money or that you should begin worshiping it over your spouse, but it does mean that you can’t ignore the role it plays in any relationship. Research shows that at the center of many divorces the “lack of money” has shown its piercing face.

One thing’s for sure – even in our make-believe stories – prince charming approached his potential bride with money. He was royalty. Money automatically was his inheritance. This is probably why their love appeared to be so easy. You never saw the couple in these stories arguing over finances. You never read about the couple living check to check just to make ends meet. It was obvious that money was an integral part of the equation.

I don’t believe that money solves every marital problem. There just has to be a balance in your overall business plan (more details on this in the next blog). Many people may disagree with this, but love is easier when plenty of money is involved. When it’s scarce, however, the problems start to occur, or the meaning behind true love is exposed.

Editor’s note: excerpt from He’s not perfect. I’m not perfect… But together we’re… Picture Perfect (


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Lakia Brandenburg

Lakia Brandenburg

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