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14 Most Inspiring Black Couples (2012 Edition)

Welcome to our very first BLF 14!  When the staff here at decided to spotlight Black Couples that inspire us, we first had to decide how to devise the list.  This year we decided to choose couples that lived in cities with a large African-American influence.   And if you’re wondering how we came up with a weird number like 14 rather than a rounded number like 10 or 20?  We would love to tell you something really creative, however its as simple as this – we had planned to publish this article for Valentine’s Day (14th of February) – Ta-Daa!.

Before we dive into the list I want to take some time to thank our staff bloggers Richard ‘BigRich’ Evans and Tai Davis for the  countless hours they dedicated to creating this list with me.  We hope you enjoy this article,  let us know your thoughts.

Lovingly Yours, Jai Stone (BLF Founder)

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 (Couples are listed alphabetically according to CITY)



When Lamar & Ronnie Tyler started their blog back in 2007 they had no idea it would become the largest black family and parenting blog online. Their goal was a lot simpler, to create a Positive Image of Black Marriage. Not only are the Tylers parents of four active youngsters, they also run a successful media company. Tyler New Media produces best selling documentaries such as: Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black MarriageYou Saved MeMen Ain’t Boys and due out this summer Still Standing (see trailer below).

With over 100k Facebook fans and thousands of website visitors each month, we are inspired by Lamar & Ronnie everyday.

Black And Married With Kids Website | Facebook | Twitter




Ben Todd Jealous is the current President & CEO of the NAACP while his lovely wife Lia Epperson is a professor of constitutional law at American University Washington College of Law and former civil rights litigator.  The stunning couple makes quite an entrance at the Image Awards along with the elite of the black community.

Ben on Facebook | Ben on Twitter

Image Awards on Facebook | Image Awards on Twitter




Herb and Felicia Gray are definitely making their mark in Charlotte, North Carolina. The couple has entered the scene as social entrepreneurs by turning a golfing event into a major fundraiser for the 100 Black Men of Charlotte’s youth mentoring program. They are the founders of the Gray Classic and Women’s Empowerment brunch created in an effort to bring people together for a good cause. The event has raised $33,000 to date. The two have been spotted on the Red Carpet at the Urban League’s “Party with a Purpose” in addition to hosting several high profile events of their own.


Gray Classic Golf Tournament Website





John & Maggie Anderson are the couple responsible for starting the Empowerment Experiment where they decided to only patronize black business for one year. The goal was to increase economic empowerment within the black community. Their experiment turned out to be a success and they’ve been featured in several magazine articles. They have also been the center of debate. Maggie wrote the book “Our Black Year: One Family’s Quest to Buy Black in America’s Racially Divided Economy” which chronicled their yearlong journey and carried a blog on John is the CEO of In Sight Financial Management.

Empowerment Experiment Website





Craig Watkins was elected in November, 2006 as the District Attorney of Dallas County, becoming the first African American DA in Texas.  During this time in office he has created the Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) which has reviewed 300 convictions and used DNA evidence to free 25 wrongfully imprisoned individuals.   His wife Tanya is a successful Dallas attorney the principle owner of the Watkins Law Firm. DA Watkins and wife Tanya have three children — Chad, Cale and Taryn.

Craig’s WebsiteCraig on Twitter | Craig on Facebook





Dennis and Trudy Archer are more than just a dynamo power couple, they are part of history. Dennis Archer served as the Mayor of Detroit from 1994 to 2001. He earned his Juris Doctor from the Detroit College of Law in 1970, has served on the Michigan Supreme Court and is the first person of color to be elected President of the American Bar Association in 2003.  Trudy DunCombe Archer served as a judge on Michigan 36th District Court for 17 years and is now retired. She currently serves as the Director Emeritus for the Detroit Institute of Arts. Both have had illustrious careers and have the respect of all those who know them. They have two sons and two grandchildren and remain active in their community.





Pastors Rudy and Juanita Rasmus have led St. John’s United Methodist Church for the past 20 years.  In that span of time they have transformed a church that had 9 original members into a congregation of over 9,000. A third of which were at one time homeless.  At any of their three Sunday services as well as their Saturday service you will see people from all walks of life sharing the same pew.   The Rasmus’s have been married for 24 years and are the parents of two daughters.

St. John’s Website | Pstr Rudy on Facebook | Pstr Rudy on Twitter





Steven and Sonya Horsford are an impressive power couple. Steven was elected to the Nevada State Senate in 2004 and served as the Democratic State Senate Majority leader until 2011. His wife, Dr. Sonya Horsford, is the Founder and Director of the Las Vegas Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools Program. Respectively, they both have fought for education for their community.  Sen. Horsford has supported clean energy initiatives and created jobs in his state which is a major accomplishment itself.  He has overcome adversity in his life and rose to a position where could affect change in the lives of others.  Dr. Sonya Horsford is a senior resident scholar of education with the Lincy Institute at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where her time is spent engaged in a study regarding educational inequality in Las Vegas. They reside in Las Vegas with their three beautiful children.

Steven’s Website Steven on Facebook Steven on Twitter

Sonya’s Website | Sonya on Facebook Sonya on Twitter





In 2000 Salim and Mara founded Akil Productions a company focused on developing new and exciting projects for cable and network television.  They are the powerhouse couple behind such TV hits as Girlfriends as The Game and the widely received hit movie Jumping the Broom.  The Akils have often been credited with ‘keep black TV alive’.  Having worked with shot callers like Kelsey Grammar and the like, we can be assured that this duo has the Midas Touch.

Akil Productions Website | Facebook | Twitter





Kendrick Meek has served in the Florida House of Representatives and State Senate from 1995 until 2010. After his loss to Marco Rubio in 2010, he remains an important figure in both politics and business. Meek started a consulting firm called KBM Solutions that focuses on disaster recovery, humanitarian assistance and emergency medical relief. Most recently he was appointed an Ambassador to the U.S. Dept. of State by President Obama. His wife, Leslie Meeks is an influential force in her own right. She graduated from Fisk University with a B.A. in Political Science and received her Juris Doctor from Case Western Reserve University. She is now an administrative law judge in Washington, D.C. and also serves as the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Spouses organization. Kendrick and Leslie reside in Miami, FL and have two children together.

Kendrick’s Website | Kendrick on Facebook Kendrick on Twitter




James Perry has been the executive director at the Greater New Orleans Fair Action Housing Center during some of the cities toughest times including during hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  In addition, he is also very politically active. Melissa Harris-Perry is a Political Science professor at Tulane University and an MSNBC Contributor.

James’ WebsiteJames on Facebook | James on Twitter

Melissa’s Website | Melissa on Facebook | Melissa on Twitter





Take a sizzling hot female DJ turned Model turned Social Activist and put her with the hottest black female celebrities and key influencers and what to you get?  BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Beveryl Bond is the musical genius and well connected brain behind Black Girls Rock Inc., a non-profit youth empowerment and mentoring organization established to promote the arts for young women of color. Bond’s hubby Bazaar Royal is no slouch himself having founded the Ghetto Metal Movement, a category of music representing of fusion of musical cultures; a collaboration of metal, rock, hip-hop, soul, blues, spoken word and reggae.

Bazaar’s Website | Bazaar on Facebook | Bazaar on Twitter

Beverly on FacebookBeverly on Twitter

BGRI Website | BGRI Facebook | BGRI on Twitter





As the current Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter is known to be a straight talking politician, a ‘unicorn’ in his arena. His most famous statement of candor came after a rash of flash mobs struck the city, “Don’t act like idiots and a_holes…”.  Our sentiments EXACTLY Mr. Mayor!  Philly’s First Lady Lisa Johnson Nutter an avid community activist and President of Philadelphia Academies, Inc., a non-profit youth development organization that works in Philadelphia’s public high schools to provide career-based learning experiences that motivate young people to stay engaged in school and that create supportive networks for them in the real world.

Michael’s Website | Michael on Facebook | Michael on Twitter

PAI Website | PAI on Facebook





Eric Holder is the  82nd and current Attorney General of the United States and the first African American to hold the position, serving under President Barack Obama. Sharon Malone is a frequent key note speaker and supporter of many women’s organizations and recently appeared in the PBS documentary “Slavery by Another Name.”

Slavery by Another Name Website

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BLF Staff Writer

BLF Staff Writer


  1. February 14, 2012 at 12:06 PM

    Great post! I’m 28 1/2 years married & still pushing through. Love endures forever if you let it.

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    Very excited for the shout out from Clutch Magazine!

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    Excellent post sharing couples we all can relate to and people who are doing so much in their communities. More couples like these should be highlighted.

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    This is a great list of couples that you have selected. There are so many great roles models…people doing amazing things in our communities!

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    Good to see you focus on couples who are less famous but doing wonderful things in their personal lives and in the lives of others. First time I learned about your site. Saw a link it in a LinkedIn post. Glad I found you!


  8. February 16, 2012 at 6:23 PM

    We are sooo glad you loved the post and glad you found us!

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    Thanks so much Ronnie, we are really proud of the list and thankful that you have graced us with your contributions.

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