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My Bold Face Opinion Of Tami Roman (aka Purse Thief) and the Basketball Broads

I know yall haven’t heard from me in a while, what can I say… I’ve been knee deep in my grind.  I’ve been trying to sit on the sidelines with all the latest drama from Season 4 of Basketball Wives Broads (since most of them aren’t actually wives), but I just can’t keep my lips zipped any longer.  Its no secret that I’m a reality TV junky, and for the most part I remain entertained and refrain from passing judgements.  The good Lord only knows what the cameras would find if they followed my peachy self around day and night.

Traditionally I have been a fan of Tami and Evelyn, even though I felt they often over-reacted to things, I always felt they kept it 100!  But it was Episode 13 (the purse stealing episode), that sent me over the edge.  Tami Roman has been known for being hot headed, and mostly I understand the source of her frustration.  That doesn’t mean that I agree with the alley cat behavior that often follows, but I did get it.  Here is where I the show COMPLETELY lost my respect.  When Tami held Keisha’s purse hostage all in an attempt to force Keisha to behave in a way that was acceptable to Tami. It was flat out bullying!  There are no other words!  But as wrong as I think Tami was, I have an even bigger problem with Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie for not calling her ass out! I mean did these chicks leave their back bones packed in their luggage??!!

I’m all for my share of drama, but I would be a blind monkey’s uncle if I sat there and watched one sista bully and degrade another and keep my lips zipped.  If you watch  the video clip, you can see it in their faces, the ladies did not agree with Tami’s actions.  Yet they all sat there like this situation was business as usual.  WTH!!  The Twittersphere was buzzing with sympathy for Keisha and while I felt a twinge of that, sympathy was not my primary emotion.  It was disdain for three reasons:

  1. Shaunie’s half-hearted attempt to reason with Tami stating “Now you know you don’t need to keep that girl’s purse”, in a mousy UN-convincing voice.
  2. Evelyn was reduced to tears in her sympathy for Keisha, yet she kept saying “she did bring it on herself, but still…”
  3. NOBODY supported Keisha in a way that held Tami accountable for her behaviors. You don’t always have to verbalize your position.

The only person on the show that held Tami accountable in ANY way was Royce.  For the record, I find Royce rather annoying, but I got to give her props…she ain’t no punk!  She bucked up and held Tami’s feet to the fire.  Tami didn’t like it and clearly Royce’s position challenged their relationship. But if I can’t hit my friends with the truth, then what is our relationship made of?

Here is another part of the BS, Tami KNOWS she is an angry drunk…so why the heck does she insist on drinking?  And why doesn’t one of her so-called ‘home girls’ try to slow her roll when the liquor gets flowing?  My name ain’t Jamie Foxx, I’m not blaming jack on the a-a-a-alcohol.  Ultimately a person is responsible for what they consume and how they behave after said consumption.

Now in Episode 15, Shaunie finally appears to have grown a conscience about the direction of the show.  REALLY, its too late for that shawty, you should have piped up when chicks started running across the table at each other.  I’m just hoping the price of fame is worth it for these ladies.  The show has been renewed and Tami has taken to the talk-show circuit taking full responsibility for her actions.  But I’m wondering if that will be enough for her to win back her fans.  I’m wondering if she can spin things and use the platform that VH1 has provided to create an image for herself that is not laden with discord.   One can only hope! I’m going to take a nerve pill now.

Stay Peachy Folks!

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Jentry Peach

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  1. June 15, 2012 at 1:51 PM

    I like the fact that she is straight-forward, but with that, it helps to practice “tact”. It’s one thing that “we” are on TV, but it’s another to show class too.

    We get such a bad rap about having attitudes and I hate to see black women act a fool on National TV. It’s no different then that Real Housewives of Atlanta and the drama there, but at least I can say all those series have their share of drama too, but what I would like to see is these women act like they have class instead of showing their “ass” when the camera is on. They don’t set good examples and it’s sad to see us in that kind of light.