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My Boyfriend Still Lives With His Ex!

Dear Young Black Married Man:

I’ve been dating this guy for a few weeks now and from the beginning he was upfront & honest about the fact the he and his wife are in the process of getting a divorce b/c it’s just not working out. No serious dysfunction or crazy issues. He says they’re just the wrong match. I really like this guy & he seems perfect for me. So here is the issue… while in the process of the divorce he is still living under the same roof w/ his wife! He says it’s too expensive for either of them to move out and it’s better for their 6yrs son to see them together at least until the divorce is final. He seems so sincere & trustworthy, but should I trust him?


Dear Reader:

Seriously, have you never seen this scenario in a movie? Now, I’m not going to say this guy is lying to you and having an affair, but he probably is!

Ok, I understand the kid thing, but they can’t afford to move apart, come on. He could stay with a friend or rent an apt. down the street, so he can still be near the kid.

Sounds like this guy developed a convenient excuse to have the best of both worlds. While they are still under the same roof & w/o divorce papers, they are still married & you’re a home wrecker. Don’t let this guy make a into a sinful home wrecker. WALK AWAY! If it’s meant to be, then after the divorce you can get back together.

Furthermore, why should you have to share a man with another woman? Raise your standards! You deserve better. Go get a 100% relationship not 50% or less of a man.

Stay Blessed!


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