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My Piece Of The P.I.E. Ensuring My Career Growth and Success (Part I)

Usually I write about my personal life, but that is only one facet of being a well rounded Wife, Mother and Career Maven!!  I’ve decided to share some insights into what I’ve learned as a professional.

Many new managers believe that all they need to do to be successful and climb the corporate ladder is perform the day to day tasks of their current job extremely well. WRONG! How well you perform your daily job tasks accounts for only 10% of your career growth and success. Your image and the amount of exposure you have to influencers and decision makers account for the other 90%.


  • Performance – How well you execute and deliver results for your day to day job tasks.
  • Image – What is your personal brand? How do others internal and external to your organization see you?  What visual statement do you make when you enter a room?
  • Exposure – Who knows how awesome you are outside of the voices in your head?  It’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you!



Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying.  Your performance is very important and key to setting a strong foundation for your future career growth and successes.  You are responsible for ensuring that you know what is expected of you and how your performance will be measured.  How will you do this?  Well, it’s as easy as 1…2…3.

1. First, make sure you receive, review and understand your job description.  Do not rely on what your manager “tells” you your job is.  If your performance is ever in question, your job description is one of the documents human resources will review with your manager (and if necessary, you) when counseling your manager on making a promotion, disciplinary or termination decision.

You can also use your job description to inquire about or point out any significant changes in your job duties that may warrant a review/discussion regarding a potential promotion and/or pay increase.

2. Next, request a copy of a blank performance review form.  This form should have all the performance goals you will be measured against during your annual performance review.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand what will be required for you to meet and/or exceed expectations for each performance goal.

3. Finally, you should document your success and growth throughout the year.  This information will help you write your self-review and have an in-depth, valuable conversation with your manager about your performance over the past year.

Remember, you are responsible for your career growth and development.  Your performance is where it all begins.

Next week we’ll discuss your image.  How you looking?




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Mairo Akpose-Simpson

Mairo Akpose-Simpson

Mairo has been married for 11 years to Allen Simpson. They have two beautiful girls: Alana 10 and Alexis 7. She is a God fearing, wife, mother, sister and friend who defied the odds and proved to many that statistics are just numbers.