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My Sisters: They Always Got My Back! [PHOTO BLOG]

(ABOVE – SISTER RINGS: Our Mother’s birthstone and a stone of each sister)

Over the past holiday weekend, I caught a marathon run of Mary Mary’s reality show on the WE Network.  I was both inspired and entertained by the mob sized family and it brought a familiar feeling to me.  I cringed a bit at the banter between Tina and Erica, then it dawned on me that if the studio cameras followed me around, we might have some “Real Housewives” ratings of our own (LOL).

I’m the youngest of 5 children (4 girls), and as my sisters and I chatted about the antics on the show, we realized it was nearly a mirror image of our relationships.  The laughter and bickering and the ‘oh hell nah, I got your back girl” kind connections that we share.  Sometimes we have some knock down drag out “why are you even talking to me right now! ” fights.  Then other times we laugh until streams of tears blur our vision.  But one thing I know for sure is when the chips are down, these chicas are up for whatever it takes. One of them once said “I don’t need yall to like me, but I KNOW that yall love me and that is all I need!”.  Initially I thought that was kind of jacked up, but in the end isn’t love the ONE thing we crave most in life? The Cosby’s we are not, but I wouldn’t trade my sisters for anything. They may not be perfect, but they ALWAYS got my back!

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Jai Stone

Jai Stone

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