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Nope, He Won’t Leave Her: Sad Lies Men Tell The Other Woman

He doesn’t really love her. He’s just there because of the kids. He’s about to leave her because she can’t give him what you can. Look at all the lies they keep telling, but who is telling them? In the beginning it’s him telling the lies to her, and eventually she ends up lying to herself.

The TRUTH is he’s not going anywhere. It has nothing to do with her, the kids, or you. This is all about him, and as long as he’s allowed to he will keep doing the same thing. I mean after all who doesn’t want to have their cake and eat it too.

The fact is while two and sometimes more women are fighting over who he really loves, he only loves himself. It doesn’t matter who else gets hurt in the process as long as he gets what he wants. And though it may seem like he’s playing games with them, they are the ones allowing it to be played.

Ladies I need y’all to do better. Stop waiting for him to change addresses and who his girlfriend is, like that’s going to change him. Stop dressing him up so you can look better! He lies to her, but not to you. He treats her bad, but he would never do that to you. Open your eyes the only difference between you and her is the lies he’s telling, and you can see what he’s doing her and can’t see what he’s doing you.

One day ask yourself these Questions:

1. Why am I making myself available to someone who is not available to me?

2. If he’s only doing this because he is unhappy with her, what happens when he is unhappy with you?

3. Why are you willing to accept less if you know you deserve more?

When someone loves you it should be 100/100. Not 50/50, 80/20, or 70/30, one should not be investing any more of themselves than the other. No excuse should be acceptable for why you’re not getting the same thing you put in, especially when this person is supposed to love you. And if you are willing to let them come up short, maybe it’s because you’re not sure of your worth. Put a 100% price tag on your love and if they can’t give you that…oh well. They’ll be no lay-a-way plans, no financing, and no mark downs. Accept nothing less than what you deserve!!!!

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Robert Nolden

Robert Nolden

As an author, relationship advisor and speaker, Robert Nolden has taken life's lemons and truly made lemonade. After meeting and talking with many couples, he learned that oftentimes relationships could have been salvaged if there had been better communication. From that revelation came "From His Perspective" which seeks to enhance female understanding of what a man is saying and doing.