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Now Is All We Have

We all tend to forget the power of the present moment. Instead of focusing on and appreciating the gift of today, we allow the negative past to creep into our minds. Every time we give power to negativity, we become our own worst enemy. How can we be prevalent and progressive if we are bogged down with past guilt, disappointment, and pain?

We have all made terrible decisions. We have all hurt others and been hurt. People have tried to teach us, but we were not willing to learn. We have tried to teach others, but they would not accept our lessons. The life we thought we would have at 25, 45, or 65 does not remotely resemble our reality. We are all victims of abuse, whether it was physical, emotional, or mental. Sometimes we succeed and other times we lose. We were all raised by imperfect humans, so our human experience is going to be filled with peaks and valleys!

Let’s make a deal. This week, we are going to allow ourselves to accept the past and move on. We will forgive others and forgive ourselves because we need FREEDOM! We won’t allow what happened yesterday, last week, or last decade to stunt our growth! We won’t waste time on what could have been! Every yesterday is finished and all tomorrows are uncertain. When it’s time for our curtain to close, there is no encore on this Earth. Now is all we have. Now is all that matters.

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Tai'sha Gooden

Tai'sha Gooden

Tai'sha Gooden is a twentysomething dreamer, blogger, writer, music lover, poet, mom, and wife. She has a passion for encouraging others to emotionally, physically, and mentally nourish their bodies and spirits.