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With so many sex toys available, it can be difficult to choose one that’s right for you. So where does one begin? Rather you’re a sex toy enthusiast or novice, the important thing to remember when choosing a toy is your purpose for buying it. For the more seasoned sex toy aficionado, this may be an easy task. However if you are just beginning to dabble with the joys of sex toys, you may want to start off with something a little less intimidating and work your way up. Shopping for the perfect sex toy can be overwhelming so to help ease any anxiety; you may consider talking with a sex coach or counselor, asking a romance specialist at an adult novelty store for assistance or taking an educational sex toy workshop. Taking time to educate yourself about the various sex toys on the market and their uses will ultimately enhance your sexual pleasure and your life! To help you begin Operation Sex Toy, here are some helpful tips to consider:

To help narrow your search, consider the following questions:
• Intended Use: Who will be using the toy: alone or with a lover?
• Function: What do you want the toy to do for you: vibrate, rotate, twist, waterproof, bondage, power-play, sensory deprivation?
• Styles: What do you want the toy to look like? Modern, traditional, discreet?
• Material: What type of material do you like most: jelly, rubber, cyberskin, silicone, glass, metal, leather?
• Texture: Do you want smooth, ridges, studded, stones, encrusted, etc?
• Size: What size do you want? Normal, small, large, pocket. You may also consider the width, length and shape.
• Prices: low or high end? Keep in mind, you get what you pay for.

Use a lubricant. Water- and silicone-based lubricants are safe to use with sex toys. Avoid using oil-based or petroleum-based lubricants as they break down latex material. Oil-based lubricants are for external use only and are great for massaging but not for using with a sex toy. In addition since the body does not properly breakdown oil-based lubricants, this increases the chances for infections. Also, be aware of lubricants that contain glycerin i.e. flavored lubricants, as this increases the potential for yeast infections in women. Using a lubricant is also important because it helps to serve as an extra protective barrier for the vagina which reduces the amount of tearing to the lining of the vagina; which also reduces risk of transmission of bacteria, virus, etc. Remember the wetter the better!

Clean your sex toy. Since sex toys are used on the most sensitive parts of your body, it makes sense to keep it well cleaned and cared for. With a few simple steps, you can prolong the life of your toy. Non-porous materials are smooth and warm water and soap usually does the trick. If needed, silicone sex toys can be sterilized by boiling it for 3 to 5 minutes. Porous materials such as cyberskin and rubber require a bit more care as bacteria can hide within the pores. Avoid using soap on cyberskin to maintain the texture. Instead, rinse with lots of warm water or sterilize with alcohol. It is best air-dried and sprinkled with cornstarch or talcum to maintain the smooth surface. To keep all your toys clean and ready to use, you can also pickup a care & cleaning kit.

Storing Your Sex Toy. Try to store sex toys within reach of the bed. Nothing is more frustrating than interrupting foreplay and having to walk across the room to dig out the toy from a secret hidden spot. Sex toys should be stored in protective casing or wrapped individually in a piece of cloth, away from prying eyes. There are several novelty items available such as the “Hide Your Vibe” pillow to discreetly store our sex toys. Or you and your Beloved can have fun using your creativity to make your own “sex toy box.”

Safer Sex Tip: Use a condom. Condoms can be used with sex toys so that it reduces the risk of transmitted infections. Using a condom also makes it safer for sharing between partners and/or for use with multiple partners.

Take with you an imagination as you enter the wonderful world of sex toys! Turn your experience into an adventurous treasure hunt as you discover the various sex toys on the market! Continue your hunt, exploring each and every device of sexual pleasure until you find the one or the few that you enjoy the most! Unleash your inhibitions and let the journey began!


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TaMara Campbell

TaMara Campbell

TaMara has more than 18 years experience of coaching, speaking, writing and teaching about human sexuality and intimate relationships so there’s very little that she hasn’t heard about sex.