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Are You A Prime Time Quarter Back or Punt Return Man?

I know, you are probably wondering what kind of question is that as QB is the most valuable position on the team. QB’s are the star of the team, they are usually paid the most, lead the men in the huddle on and off the field, and whenever the ball is placed in their hands everyone expects magic to happen. QB’s carry the weight of the team’s performance on the field squarely on their shoulders. Once the game is over they are the one’s along with the head coach that reporters scramble to get comments from. They are influencers, and decision makers but with out a great offense and defense they wouldn’t be able to do what they do. But what about the Punt Returner, they are a valuable part of the team as they return the receiving ball to gain great field position. The better the return the better the chance of the QB leading the team into the In-Zone for a touch down. However, they are on the field a fraction of the percentage time as that of the QB so they are soon forgotten and not looked upon as the influencers or decision makers on the team. In relationships, we often need to take a look at our position on the team. Does our spouse believe we are in it to win it and assuming the QB lead? Or does our spouse see us as Punt Returners who only come out on the field when called as they hope you able to finally move things forward and put them in good position to take back over what should be your game to lead? Take the quiz and see which position you hold most often.

  1. Do you take the initiative to ensure the family is moving in a positive direction with finances or do you wait to see what’s left at the end once your girl pays the bills and gives you an update?
  2. Do you call regular family meetings, or gatherings to ensure all family members are on the same page, or do you wait until someone is out of line and you are called to handle them?
  3. Do your remind your girl that she is valuable and appreciated with reinforcements like pats on the butt (or a thank-you) or do you constantly tune out complaints that she feels under-appreciated and overlooked?
  4. After a trying and tiring day on the field (home or work) do you take time to encourage her and have her back or check out on your own and figure she will be all right tomorrow?
  5. Are you invested 100% and show up daily in the relationship to work or are you in the relationship 50% of the time and the rest of the time on the sideline as a spectator?

If you find your actions are lining up with the Punt Return position, adjust accordingly and become the QB in your relationship she needs you to be. Lead your family and leave a legacy that would make her proud to be apart of your winning team.

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Tony Carthan

Tony Carthan

Tony Carthan is an advocate for men making lasting relationships. He and his wife Tarenia are the founders of Marry Me 4 Life, and are currently co-authoring a book together. Tarenia is also a blogger for Black Love Forum. Together they focus on couple’s enrichment.