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Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis: The Never Before Told Love Story


When we think of Black Love, a few couples come to mind. Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis are always one of the top couples on my list.  Not just because of how much I admired their love and conviction for one another, but also because of their contribution to the Black community as a whole. I consider the Dee/ Davis story on the the greatest love stories NEVER told, so I was elated to find out that their Grandson has decided to produce a documentary detailing the life, love and contributions of this dynamic couple.  I feel it is our responsibility to help preserve their story for ourselves and generations to come.

No ordinary documentary, ‘Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee‘ is more “story sharing” than storytelling. For the first time, the love and life story of Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee will be told through the lens of her grandson and the film’s director, Muta’Ali. We are invited to listen in on candid conversations, as “GramRuby” expounds on LOVE, ART, and ACTIVISM, giving instruction on life’s essentials.


‘Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee‘ is currently being featured on KICKSTARTER.COM.  We have 15 days left in the campaign to help raise the funds to produce this monumental film.

Ossie and Ruby played their part to address social injustice for “the people.” Through Kickstarter, Ossie and Ruby’s fans can play their part by becoming backers of an extraordinary film honoring an extraordinary couple.


Kickstarter (a form of crowd funding) is a game changer for documentaries and other projects.  Crowd funding a film in their honor is a fitting tribute to a couple whose work has touched the pulse of society, from Purlie Victorious, to their PBS series, With Ossie and Ruby, to Raisin in the Sun, to Do the Right Thing, to Ruby’s Academy Award nominated performance in American Gangster.

The Kickstarter Campaign is part of versatile fundraising strategy that will position Life’s Essentials TM with Ruby Dee to attract additional support and sponsors for reception for Ms. Dee’s 90th Birthday and a documentary preview.

“Our goal is to make the most beautiful film possible. By meeting our Kickstarter goal we can produce a small-scale documentary. However, should we exceed our goal, we can honor Ms. Dee at an even greater level and share the film nationally and internationally” ~ Director Muta’Ali.

Become a Backer by going to this link. TeamBLF is onboard, how about you?

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Jai Stone

Jai Stone

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