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Seeking Your CEO: The New First Date Should Be On A Golf Course (pt.1)

I was inspired to write this by Richard ‘BigRich‘ Evans piece “What is your Relationship ROI” for two reasons:

  1. I look at myself as a business. Yup! Brittany Knight, INC.
  2. Brittany Knight, INC. is seeking a merger in the industry of relationships.

And with 35% of all major business deals being done on the golf course, put-put golf at Malibu Grand Prix Saturday night takes on a whole new meaning…

We are seeking a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Everyone is! We want to strengthen our resources! We want to enrich our lives! And two is always better than one. Why do you think business moguls call mergers “marriages”?

When we’re dating, we are in a sense selling ourselves to another individual. We want them to like us, we want them to WANT to kick it with us, INVEST money and time, CONFIDE in us, and ultimately BUILD on a foundation that will benefit both parties involved. And in return we want to show them what we can offer too right?

And just like a business, your ish better be on the up and up. No one wants to work with someone who is raggedy! What have you done in the past? What are you doing now? References? (i.e. finances, health, can you make logically sound decisions? Good standing with other businesses…think family and friends), and if yours ish isn’t up to par…trust there is another company lobbying for that businesses attention.

In other words, there are other men and/or women who want that commission and have the proper criteria to get it. And we wonder why business mergers take so long to actually happen. No one goes into such a high stake union without having done their research first! So later on, after each of you has signed that proverbial dotted line, one of you won’t get the rude awakening that this merge was more of a liability than an asset.

Also in this process, we must be aware of shady “business practices” too. Maybe they take “your money” and run, or they breech contract by doing side business without your knowledge… which is grounds for immediate termination. Oh and let’s not forget to mention COMMUNICATION. Communication is key simply because if you enter a merger, you cannot make a decision without CONSULTING your partner…get it?

This is the business of LOVE, everything won’t be rainbows, ponies, yachts, and G4 Jets. Some serious “win-win” negotiations must take place first. Another smart “business” move is knowing when a merge is not necessary.

But we will get into all that, this is just an introduction. Part 2 will discuss the three major components of a merger: Marketing, Sales, and Finances…in the business of love that interprets into the What are your selling? How are you selling it? And can either of you afford it?

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B. Knight

B. Knight

Her name is Brittany Knight, but you can call her “B” as everyone else does. She is a driven right brained individual residing in Atlanta, GA, and the first thing you should know about her is that she is a writer…period. Directly following that is dreamer.

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  1. Richard Evans
    October 11, 2011 at 8:25 AM

    Awwww, I am honored to have inspired you to write this piece. Great introduction. I look forward to the rest of the article.