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LESS TALK MORE ACTION: Should Men Bear The Burden Of The Relationship?

For the past couple of decades we have heard countless claims on how women are suppose to be the glue that holds relationships together. But are we letting the men slip on their responsibilities?  In a recent interview R&B recording artist Carl Thomas stated…

“In a relationship a man bares more of the responsibility for the success or failure of the relationship. The burden of responsibility is really on the man because if it doesn’t work out, whose fault is it? Who’s charged with the most responsibility? If my family doesn’t eat its my fault. Whether a man takes up his cross and does it, is another thing.”

We polled a few other men and found a few with similar ideals. 

“I agree with Carl. A strong Woman just requires a strong Male Head of House. If the Black family is failing, the Leader of said family (The Black Man) would be to blame. Period!” Allen S.

“Hell Yah Carl. I keep trying to tell my boys that if we don’t step up then what are we teaching our sons. Being a leader and being a grown ass man is one in the same to me.” Kevin C.

“I think this discussion has a lot more folds to it. The responsibility is equal at best, but putting all the weight on women ain’t good.  We simply MUST find a way to work together.”

Let’s start some dialog about how we get the men more active in changing the plight of our relationships.  Enough talk, more action.  By the way, read Carl’s full interview here.

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