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Signs Of An Emotional Rapist

I’ll be honest. I’ve had my fair share of women and still do. But I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I’ve been honest and straight up with whomever I’ve come across. My friendships with women seldom end on bad terms, and not one female can make the claim that I led them on. What always irked me was the fact the most women seem to pass me over for the brother who will tell them whatever they want to hear to get some. I coined a term for these pathological liars, called “Emotional Rapists”. This is when a man uses a false pretense in order to have sex with a woman that he would have never gotten if she knew his true intentions. 

Here is my list:

1. Hand-cuffer: A man who locks a woman down into a commitment. He never had intentions of being faithful or in it for the long run. He’s too insecure and selfish to allow her to date other people even though he’s doing it. He promises her a committed relationship with security and monogamy.

 2. Dream salesman: A guy who sells you a dream of the future but knows he will never live up to it. He promises marriage, a white house & picket fence, kids, and the fairy tale. He says it will come as soon as he makes it in the “rap game” or insert any unrealistic dream where he “makes it big”.

3. The faux nice guy: This guy is sweet, articulate, intellectual, sensitive, emotional and shows the utmost respect for women. He usually will insult or put down other guys to show that he is better than the typical guy. This guy will say all the right things like beautiful quotes and poetry on his Facebook statuses. In the end all he wants to do is sex you and be gone. You will see a sharp 180 right after he gets what he wants.

4. The leach/User: This guy will take advantage of a woman’s motherly instincts and desire to help a brother out. He will use her for money, her car, and a place to stay. This guy usually will pretend to fall in love within the first week to a month. He then will try to move in as soon as you accept the “love” he is offering you.  He will use whatever tools to control your emotions and make you tied to taking care of him. When you try to leave him he will make it seem as if you are wrong for throwing a brother in need on the street. This guy can be dangerous at times. He will target your self esteem by calling you ugly and make it seem as if no other man wants you. These brothers are prone to violence and will make you feel trapped mentally and physically.

5. The Impregnator: This guy usually has 3+ baby mommas and will lock himself to you by impregnating you. This guy is quite the obvious douchbag, but for some reason women fall for him. He usually gives himself off by mentioning how you will give him “pretty kids” or he wants you to “have his baby”. This guy is usually a pretty boy or a thugged out ladies man. Once you become his “baby momma” he will become the “leach/user” and take advantage of the fact that you don’t want to be a single mother and will do whatever it takes to not be a “baby momma”.

6. The “Conquestador”: this is not a typo, but my term for the guy who’s self-esteem and manhood is based on how many chicks he had sex with or can pull. To him, he has no pride in himself, the goal is to get the “kitty” by whatever means necessary. He shares several traits with the other guys on the list and always brag about how he pulls the “baddest” chicks. He just wants to add you to his long list of “conquests”.

7. “The Serial Monogamer” this guy is usually a momma’s boy or has momma issues. His mom cooked, cleaned, did his laundry or spoiled him, so he’s not use to taking care of himself. This guy always keeps a girlfriend, but is never faithful. he hates being alone, so he will always have some nurturing female on lockdown. Don’t feel bad if you fell victim to one of these guys for they are professional liars. Please see part II of this blog is which I will give advice on how to avoid the “emotional rapist.”


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  1. January 3, 2012 at 7:11 PM

    Great article Claude, I enjoyed reading it and found your insight to be very useful.