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SMDH:I’ve Never Been Caught…Till Now! (pt.2)

I won’t lie, the time in between NOT hearing from my beau (Prototype) to when he texted me at one o’clock in the morning four days later saying “Why did you hurt me?” …was killer. And all I can say is karma is a b*tch with blonde hair and a voice like an angel…you’ll understand soon enough.

And let me tell you, circumstances are NOT the same between him and me. We’ve talked a little, not a whole lot, mostly text. The arguments were frequent and the lack of communication was VERY evident. I was realizing that even though he’d taken me back, he was trying to make me serve a life sentence for my slip up. And this shouldn’t be this deep right? Because we were “just dating”, thing is Prototype wanted exclusivity. But I KNEW I wasn’t ready for that, but I agreed thinking I could somehow “get ready” overnight…clearly this is not the case.

So in my efforts to try and make things right between us, I pulled some of my media strings and got him an opportunity to be a photographer for the Atlanta Classics Concert with Angie Stone and Raheem Devaughn (his hobby was photography).  I knew he wanted to really try and make a career out of it so I figure “Yes! He’ll forget about my little indiscretion if I hook him up with this!”

Hooked him up I did, he had all access. He was doing his thing while I watched Angie and Raheem kill it from backstage. He looked so pleased when I saw him walking pass with his camera, or when I saw him at the front of the stage getting his shots. I just knew I was back in his good graces. I was happy that he was happy. But that came to an abrupt halt when I saw him getting extra chatty with a certain light skinned chick with a bright, blonde curly fro. Apparently she was recent contestant on BET’s Sunday’s Best, (think a gospel American Idol). I saw them exchange information…THAT crushed me. When I asked him about it in the car, he said he was “networking”. SMDH.  Don’t you hate it when you KNOW someone is lying to you?   I wish the story stopped there, but it doesn’t. Of course I knew they were interested in each other from their body language (more on that in another post).

A week goes by, and to my surprise… things are still shaky. And when I tried to address it, we had it out. Corporate Thug’s name flew out his mouth a couple of times and of course I came back with his “too chummy” encounter with the girl from the concert. Instead of him saying “I told you I was just networking”, he spews this gem: “You know what; I HAVE been talking to her on the phone, when you didn’t answer that one night, I called her and we talked for about an hour!”

Instant heartbreak. So I’m thinking I HAVE to charge this one to the game. He could’ve talked to any woman he wanted, anywhere! But he HAD to talk to the chick at the event I put him on to! Like I stated earlier: karma is a b*tch with blonde hair and a voice like an angel.

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B. Knight

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